Summertime is upon us, which means a whole new wave of graduates is entering the work field. For those of us who sit comfortably in our professional careers, it is hard to remember the fear that accompanies job searches. New graduates inevitably face doubt and frustration along their path. Thoughts like, “What have I set my self-up for?” or “Am I truly qualified for these positions, or am I just a fraud trying to pass myself off like a professional?” 

For many of us, it takes time to feel secure in the path that we have chosen. The team at Towne Mailer understands how fearful new grads can be. It’s difficult to set yourself apart from the thousands of other new graduates who are competing for the same positions. 

One way to set yourself apart is by demonstrating that you are a problem solver for broad tasks that don’t necessarily fit your job description. By making suggestions that help the company as a whole, rather than just focusing on what you have been hired to do, you have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and systems-thinking. 

Towne Mailer is a printing and mailing process company based in Missoula, Montana. Our goal is to help companies reduce the cost of mailing invoices, while simultaneously reducing the labor of printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, and sorting mail bins. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all industries to streamline their invoice printing and mailing process. 

If you are a new hire, fresh to the job market, you can put your best foot forward by speaking up with creative solutions. By suggesting that your company outsource their printing and mailing demands, you can show initiative and determination. You can prove that you are eager to save the company money and reduce the pressure off in-house, tedious paperwork. No matter what job you seek, a professional printing and mailing service is an appropriate suggestion. 

Here is a description of three of the most popular jobs graduates are seeking in 2019, and how a printing and mailing service can assist them: 

Software Engineer

A software engineer creates information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions. They can work for companies, both big or small, or as private contractors. 

Studies show successful software engineers follow these field requirements: 

  1. They provide close daily cooperation between people and developers
  2. They welcome changes, even late in the development.
  3. They constantly reflect on how to be more effective and adjust accordingly

These job requirements, which are crucial to software engineering, are focused on the customer experience and employee satisfaction. In this way, a professional invoice printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, can help meet the field requirements necessary for success. 

By outsourcing invoice printing and mailing production rather than keeping all of these tasks in-house, software engineers can provide well designed, accurate, and timely invoices to people and developers. This increases cooperation and understanding. Not to mention, detailed invoices create extensive records on the services for which you bill your clients. These records provide a software engineer the ability to reflect on how to be more effective and adjust procedures accordingly. When your invoices are well designed and professional, you can trust them to be great tools to reflect on. 

Any professional software company big or small or freelance developers can benefit from outsourcing their invoice printing and mailing. Towne Mailer is equipped to handle all of your invoice demands. 


Sales representatives, selling retail products, goods, and services to local, national, and international customers, create company solutions and guarantee a smooth sales process. Companies, large and small, depend on professional salespeople to seek out customers who want their product. Not to mention, remote sales positions, where workers can find new sales leads and sell retail products from the comfort of their homes, are on the rise. 

For a salesperson to be successful, there are several principles to work with, which include: 

  1. A successful salesperson focuses on building relationships. 
  2. One can only be successful in sales if they are willing to listen to their customers. 
  3. Don’t just know that your customers like you, but understand why. Know your worth.  

Good sales representatives seem to always be working! Their minds are always scouting out the next possible lead for their company. Invoice printing and mailing is a time-consuming process. No matter the size of the company you work for, or if you work from home, outsourcing your invoice printing and mailing is a smart decision. It allows you to get back to what you do best; finding more customers. Plus, an automated service, like Towne Mailer, makes recurring invoices simple. This means that you can speed up your entire invoice printing and mailing process and eliminate the need for manual labor. 

Set yourself apart from every other sales representative for your company by suggesting they outsource their invoice printing and mailing demands. This shows you know a good opportunity when you see one and that you care about the company’s success. 


Accountants provide financial information by analyzing data and preparing customer reports. Of course, any accountant understands the importance of well designed, thorough, and timely invoices, but many public and private accountants attempt invoice printing and mailing in their office rather than outsource their invoices to a professional printing and mailing services. By tackling these tasks in-house, they slow down their productivity. 

For an accountant to be successful, they must develop career principles such as: 

  1. A good accountant is detail-oriented and highly structured.
  2. They are creative and inquisitive. 
  3. A respectable accountant has developed phenomenal people-skills and communicates effectively. 

Outsourcing the many tedious tasks involved with invoice printing and mailing can help support all of these principles. By delegating invoice needs to professionals, accountants have more time to review the content of their accounts to come up with creative solutions for their clients. Plus, they will have more time to provide a detailed description of their invoices. Invoices are helpful for the accountant sending the invoice and the client receiving it. It is a crucial tool for communicating effectively. 

Whether you are in the public or private sector, working by yourself or in a large firm, accountants can greatly benefit from outsourcing their invoice printing and mailing needs. If you are a new hire, you have the opportunity to prove you not only care about communicating effectively with your customers, you also care about the company workload. 

By proposing a partnership with Towne Mailer, you can demonstrate that you are solutions-oriented. You can save your company time, money, and effort by delegating the important task of invoice printing and mailing to professionals. Show your employer that they were right in hiring you. 

Towne Mailer

If you or someone you know has recently started a new job, we understand how difficult it is to put your best foot forward. We know that new hires often feel as if they are low on the pecking order, without much to offer. 

If you are trying to make a good impression, we encourage you to discuss the idea of outsourcing invoice printing and mailing to a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer. By suggesting this partnership, you can demonstrate how you hope to save the company money while relieving the burden of invoice printing, envelop stuffing, postage application, and sorting mail bins. 

Present the facts to your new employer. If each invoice took, on average, one minute to input data into the computer, print the invoice, hand fold the invoice, and stuff it into an envelope, it takes approximately eight hours to complete five hundred invoices. And, one minute per invoice is a conservative estimate. Many businesses spend far more time than a minute per invoice. 

Towne Mailer is in the business of simplifying all of your printing and mailing needs. Because we work with high volume, we can charge you less to print, process, and mail your invoices than it costs for you to complete the work in-house. 

We guarantee a twenty-four-hour turn around on all orders. Our process is the most cost-effective and efficient printing and mailing service. Plus, we make a point to treat all of our clients equally, no matter the volume of your order. 

The team at Towne Mailer understands how competitive the job market is. We want to provide you with a smart and innovative way to stand out as an employee and with your company. Delegate your invoice printing and mailing needs and return your focus to your key competencies. 

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