When we talk to businesses about outsourcing their invoice and statement printing and mailing tasks, one of their most common concerns is the security of the information that they mail. In many cases, they are extremely careful about the private information of their clients, which often includes:

  • Private addresses.
  • Billing and invoice information.
  • Medical information/patient information for our medical clients

At Towne Mailer, we are very aware that security and privacy are two of our clients’ biggest concerns. For this reason, we have put significant thought and effort into our data security measures–and we have never had a breach in our 17 years of operation.

Let’s take a closer look at our data security system.

Our Data Security: Layers Upon Layers of Doors and Locks

We talked to our long-time print manager Robert Drake about exactly how we keep our client information (and their clients’ information) safe and sound. He explained that just like a physical building, we keep our data safe behind a number of secure walls and doors, just as a home may have a fence, locked outer doors, and locked inner doors.

Specifically, our gates and fences include:

  • A secure router. This piece of hardware directs and filters information coming into our system.
  • A firewall. Our firewall further polices information as it enters our server, limiting access and making certain that hackers stay out and only the data we want gets in.
  • A secure web server. Our secure server makes certain your data is protected when you upload it. In addition, the data only remains on our server for a few moments before being downloaded onto our own offline server, where it is even safer. Anyone who logs on to our servers can only remain for a few minutes before being logged off, preventing anyone on site to copy sensitive information.
  • Lots of encryption. The router, firewall and servers are all encrypted, making any sort of breach of security during information transfer significantly more difficult.
  • Independent security. All aspects of the above system are independently password-protected–even if a hacker were to gain access to one part of our system, the others would still be protected.
  • Physical, on-site security. Our hardware is safely located on-site at Towne Mailer, where it is protected with a good old lock and key.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements. As a condition of employment, all of our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement applicable to the data we print and mail for our clients. Also, as to our medical clients, we sign and deliver to our medical provider clients a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement prior to commencing our printing and mailing service.

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If you are thinking of outsourcing your statement and invoice printing and mailing, but you are concerned about data security, we’d be happy to speak with you about our processes and systems. We’ve found that in many cases, our data security is even better than the systems our clients have in-house.

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