Bulk Mail Services

From direct mail marketing campaigns to invoices and catalogs, mail is a crucial element driving your business. Partnering with a bulk letter mailing service allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of engaging with your customers via mail without taking on all the tasks and responsibilities that come with this often tedious job.

We understand that trusting an outside service to represent your brand, honor your customer’s privacy, and complete work accurately and on time is a tall order, but this is where Towne Mailer thrives.

Towne Mailer is an established, trusted bulk mailing company that delivers the industry’s highest-quality print and mail services. Having spent years cultivating expertise in every square inch of the mail industry, we have made a name for ourselves by producing impeccable work done precisely to your specifications and delivered on time. Our employees are the best in the business, and their cumulative years of experience mean that when you trust us with your mail project, you can expect that we will deliver the absolute best.

Why Bulk Mail?

Marketing research confirms that mail has the potential to reach customers in a way that no other avenue can. Engagement and response rates prove that bulk mail has an excellent return on investment and yields the greatest bang for your buck.

Bulk mail allows you to expand your reach to a large target audience while taking advantage of the savings that bulk mail rates provide. Whether you need to send invoices to your clients or entice new customers with a direct mail campaign, bulk mail has countless avenues to benefit your business. Whether you are collecting money from your clients or driving revenue generating campaigns, there is endless potential that comes from print-to-mail.

At first glance, printing and mailing seem easy enough, but in reality, bulk mail projects can be a complicated task, especially if you are aiming for speed and accuracy. Hiring an expert in bulk mail services will not only guarantee you meet the exacting standards the post office requires, but they can also save you money in the process. The quantity of mail we produce daily means we have an advantage of bulk and volume discounts. From paper and ink to the cost of running machines, our efficiency and printing volumes allow us to pass on discounted pricing for our services.

Towne Mailer has years of experience and a thorough understanding of the complicated process to qualify for bulk mail. This knowledge allows us to move quickly through the permit process while understanding the intricacies of qualifying for special bulk mail rates. Allowing our experts to handle your next project means you can have confidence that we will expertly navigate the bulk mail rules and regulations and execute your project in record time. Hiring Towne Mailer to do your next bulk mail project will allow you to rest easy, knowing your project is in the best hands.

Bulk Mail Services

Types of Bulk Mail

Your bulk mail project can be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. While various mail products can be considered bulk mail, there are certain specifications that must be met in order to qualify. Your company’s goals and objectives will help you determine the right kind of bulk mail services your business needs to drive revenue, increase your business, and reach current and prospective customers.

Types of Bulk Mail

The savings you will accrue will depend on the details of your mailing choices. A first-class stamp today will run you $.66. When you take advantage of bulk mail, these prices can be cut drastically. First class bulk mail reduces the cost to $.38/piece, and marketing mail is even more affordable at $.19/piece. Every Door Direct Mail (referred to as EDDM) sends your marketing to every address in a certain zip code and also costs $.19/piece. The savings that you accumulate over a large quantity mailing can be huge.

In order to qualify for bulk mail rates, there are certain minimums you must meet. First class bulk rates require a minimum of 500 pieces, while direct mail requires either 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail. EDDM also requires 200 pieces.

Each category of bulk mail also carries size and weight parameters that vary by mail type.

  • First-Class Letters must be at least 3.5”x5”, but no larger than 6.125”x11.5”. They should not weigh any more than 13 ounces.
  • First-Class Postcards have a minimum size requirement of 3.5”x5”, and a maximum limit of 4.25”x6”.
  • Direct Mail cannot be larger than 12”x15”, but can weigh up to 16 ounces.

The purpose of your mail project combined with your budget will help to narrow down the category of mailing that will benefit you the most. Here are a few examples of bulk mail products that your organization can benefit from.

Catalogs – Retail businesses will benefit by showing off their products to their customer base. Highlight your most popular products and show your people a variety of what you offer. Seeing your products in print will grab the attention of your customers and will help drive sales.

Fliers – Single page fliers will stand out in mailboxes and set your business apart from your competition. Fliers are a great way to highlight seasonal services, offer discounts, or promote events.

Coupons – People love a good deal. Customers spend more when they feel like they are saving money. A well-timed coupon in a customer’s mailbox will convince people to consider a product or service they otherwise might not.

Advertisements – Bulk mail offers a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers tangibly. Advertising to your customer base via mail means they will get to hold a physical marketing material in their hands. Physical advertisements hit differently than digital ads and offer a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers.

Newsletters – Keeping your members up to date with your organization is important. Newsletters scheduled at regular intervals will keep your membership knowledgeable about your organization’s latest news, events, and achievements. A bulk letter mailing service will allow you to take on newsletter production without the time and resource investment of producing and mailing one in-house.

Invoices – We don’t have to tell you that collecting payment from your customers and clients is a crucial step in your business process. A streamlined and efficient invoicing process will allow you to complete the project in less time and make your invoices a professional and polished representation of your company.

Our in-house experts are the best resource to help you determine what type of mail project will meet your needs. When you reach out to our team, we will help you understand mail types, compare costs, and choose which type of bulk mail is the best fit for your organization.

Why Towne Mailer?

Towne Mailer stands out from the competition as a bulk mailing company that guarantees your project will be delivered on time to your exact specifications, all while saving you money. You will love working with our bulk mail experts, who have accumulated years of experience in every aspect of executing bulk mailing and mail designs. We are well versed in the strategies that will help drive response rates, starting with the design process.

Our years of experience mean we know precisely which visual tools to use to capture attention and drive engagement. We will collaborate with you on each step of the process to guarantee your mail project accurately reflects the essence of your brand and produces the results you are looking for.

Our mail experts know the unique intricacies that make up the complicated bulk mail process. We know exactly how to adhere to the rules and regulations to ensure you qualify for discounted bulk rates. We will execute each step of the process, avoiding any hiccups along the way so that you can sleep easy knowing your project is in good hands.

Our Process

Our process is user friendly and efficient by design. From the moment you reach out to when your project hits mailboxes, we will take care of each step of the process and keep you informed along the way. Our years of experience ensure that when you work with Towne Mailer, you are working with a leader in the print-to-mail industry.

Step 1: Upload your Data

We use a secure server where you can confidently and quickly upload all the data needed for your print job. This data will be sorted and extracted to your specifications and used to create an outstanding product.

Step 2: Design and Collaboration

We will work with you to design a mailing that meets your high standards. We are proud that our process involves truly collaborating with our customers to create a product that is not only visually perfect but will drive response rates and engagement. We don’t charge for edits and changes to your mail during our collaboration process because we value your voice in creating your documents. Our transparency in this process guarantees your mail will be made to your exacting standards without fear of accruing additional costs.

Step 3: Printing

Our state-of-the-art, high-speed printing machines allow us to create your project in a matter of minutes and with unbeatable quality. We will choose products for your project that ensure durability, promising your product will still look great when it arrives in mailboxes. Over the years, we have refined our quality control system to perfection. As a result, we can guarantee that you will be proud of the final product.

Step 4: Mailing

As experts in the direct mail business, we know exactly what it takes to get your bulk mail project out the door. The rules involved with bulk mail are complex, but we have mastered them in a way that will meet postal service standards with every project we create. After printing is complete, we will take all the necessary steps to prepare your project for mail. We can do letter folding, envelope stuffing, and add any promotional inserts. We then meter your mail with bulk mail rates and sorting according to zip codes. The USPS will receive your order properly permitted, sorted, and ready for distribution.

Our streamlined and efficient process ensures our clients are satisfied with the final product each and every time. Our approach allows us to guarantee our customers quick turnaround times and quality results. We know you have other ways to spend your time and energy, and we are honored when our clients allow us to take on the burden of their mail projects.

Our Guarantee

We are proud of what we do and the bulk mail services that we provide to our customers. We are honored to have the business of every one of our clients and are committed to earning their trust and return business. Our commitment to our customers is why we guarantee excellence and precision in everything we do. We take pride in knowing that when anyone trusts us with their printing needs, they will receive the best service in the industry.

When you work with Towne Mailer, we can guarantee our staff will execute every project with the highest level of excellence. It will pass through our rigorous quality control process guaranteeing it is done right and completed on time, every time. We will be available to you and provide you with clear and accurate information regarding your job, and also keep you informed about ever-changing postal service regulations.

If you are ready to get started on your next bulk mail endeavor, our team is prepared to help. We know the power of bulk mail and how it can transform your business, and we are excited to partner with you through the process. Contact us for a quote, and we will be ready to work with you to reach new customers, strengthen client relationships, and drive revenue and profits for your company.

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