About Towne Mailer

Located in Missoula, Montana, Towne Mailer is a printing and mailing company that helps businesses of all sizes across the country save time, effort and money with their statements, invoices, and other regular mailings.

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, our extremely reactive and responsive customer service, and our highly specialized ability to efficiently print, process, and mail documents.

Towne Mailer History

In 1999, Michael Stronberg was ready for a change. After years of being an attorney and working long hours in an urban environment, he knew was that he no longer wanted to practice law, but also that he wasn’t quite ready to retire. Taking a deep breath and making a big change, he and his wife moved to Montana, a place they had always loved, and bought a small printing and mail service business.

Shortly after starting his business, Michael began expanding his services and improving his model. Towne Mailer quickly grew from three employees to 12 and added remote printing and mail sorting to its offerings. As his business became more and more successful, Michael soon moved his operation from Kalispell to Missoula, where Towne Mailer now resides in a 7,000-square-foot office and warehouse.

Today, Towne Mailer has clients of all types and sizes, located throughout the country – and we get better at what we do every day!

Towne Mailer’s Ten Promises to Clients

1. We will save our clients time, effort and, money.

2. We will continue to develop and deliver the most cost-effective and efficient way of printing, processing and mailing invoices, statements and letters for our clients.

3. We will guarantee that our clients’ jobs are printed, processed and mailed on time.

4. We will treat each of our clients with the same high level of service regardless of their size or mail volume.

5. We will respond as quickly as possible to our clients’ needs, requests, and concerns by phone and or email.

6. We will create and perfect a quality control system that ensures excellence and accuracy throughout each printing, processing, and mailing job.

7. We will go the extra mile to make certain that our clients’ invoices, statements, or letters are professional, clear, well designed, accurate, and informative.

8. We will take time to get to know our clients and become familiar with their business, their goals, and their specific printing and mail processing needs.

9. We will make certain that our clients are informed about postal regulation and pricing changes in a timely manner.

10. We will do our best to fulfill our clients’ special needs, jobs and requests – and to have a helpful, knowledgeable human voice answer our phone lines whenever possible.

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