Why Outsourcing Your Bank Statements Makes Sense

As a bank, your reputation is everything. People trust you with their assets, and in turn, you give them the confidence that their hard earned money is safe. Every single time you interact with your customers, they need to feel that continued confidence. From customer service interactions, to your web experience, and even your statements, your messaging to your customers needs to communicate that they work with a trusted and professional institution. When every single [...]

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5 Print and Mail Misconceptions Debunked

We get it. The idea of outsourcing your commercial mail services can seem overwhelming for a variety of reasons. Whether you are nervous about the loss of control or concerned that a professional service won't be able to adhere to your deadlines, take a minute to truly learn about outsourcing your print and mail services. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding mail services that are outdated or simply not true and could be the [...]

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Are In-House or Outsourced Print and Mail Services Better for Your Business?

Pennies add up. Nothing accurately represents the impact pennies can make quite like a bulk mail project. Over the course of a direct mail campaign, all of those pennies per piece can add up to a huge dollar amount. Savvy business professionals understand that cost savings of a few cents per piece of mail can translate to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Deciding whether to continue your printing services in-house or seek out print and [...]

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Understanding the Work-Flow For Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Knowing the difference between what to outsource and what you can handle in-house is a sign of a talented business manager. Outsourcing your mail services makes sense and is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business. Relying on professionals to handle a complex and time-consuming process frees you up to do what you do best and will likely save you money. As technology advances and printing capabilities continue to improve, it [...]

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What Advice Can You Share With Businesses Planning To Outsource Their Holiday Print And Mail Needs?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not only for children eagerly awaiting Santa but for business owners as well. Holidays are the perfect time to promote products and services through mail and other print. Outsourcing these needs is a great marketing strategy that allows companies to keep up with other demands of the season. Keep reading for expert advice on outsourcing your holiday print and mail needs. Nathan Clark Co-Founder of Gate2Ai. Carefully [...]

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7 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Campaign More Effective

Direct mail has the potential to drive revenue like few other things do. Marketing research indicates that the return on investment for direct mail is much higher than even social media ads. For this reason, savvy business owners are taking advantage of the ability to market in a tangible way to their perfect target demographic, and they keep returning for more. Direct mail sounds fairly simple, but it does take some know-how and expertise to [...]

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Direct Mail

The world is going digital, and so has your marketing strategy. The internet age has provided incredible opportunities for marketing, but it is also flooded online spaces with competition. Direct mail is the next natural step if you are looking for a marketing strategy that sets you apart while enhancing your online efforts. When you partner with a company that provides print and mail services and specializes in direct mail services, customers will see eye-catching [...]

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What Factors Are Most Vital When Vetting Print And Mail Outsourcing Companies?

If a company wants to outsource one of its services, it is essential to research different options before making a final decision. When vetting print and mail outsourcing companies, there are a few factors to consider to make certain the third party is a good fit. Keep reading to find out which factors are the most vital. Eric Lam Founder of Exploding Ideas. Capabilities, Practices, And Reputation 1. Customization Capabilities: The ability to tailor services [...]

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