Our Process Of Printing and Mailing

Because we specialize in just one thing, you better believe that we have spent years and years perfecting the process: printing and mailing your letters, invoices, bills, and statements. Since 2001, we have put a huge amount of time and thought into how to make what we do extremely efficient and waste-free so that your clients and customers get their mail as quickly and accurately as humanly possible.

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Process Of Printing and Mailing

How Our Printing & Mailing Process Works

  1. During an informational interview, we learn all about your business, your goals, your mail volume, and your general needs related to printing and mailing.
  2. We use that information to determine a quote for a job, so you can see how much you can save per letter, invoice, statement or bill through our services.
  3. If you like your quote, we move ahead with instructing you regarding the simple process of uploading your data to our secure servers–it just takes a few minutes of your time.
  4. We download your information and send you a sample to make certain your job looks exactly the way you’d like it.
  5. Once all is approved, your letters, invoices, statements, and bills are printed on our high-speed black or color printers in a fraction of the amount of time it takes a regular printer to work.
  6. Your letters, invoices, statements, and bills are folded, stuffed into envelopes and sealed by our machines programmed for these tasks. Along the way, all of our work is checked for quality and accuracy.
  7. Your mail is metered and sorted for quick processing at the post office.
  8. Your mail is placed in post office mailing bins and taken to the post office in one of our Towne Mailer vehicles.
  9. We send you a set of reports so that you know exactly how the job went — along with any bad addresses on your list.
  10. Your customers receive their piece of mail in just a day or two after we mail them.

How Our Printing and Mailing Services Save You Money

You might be wondering how paying someone else to do a task for you can end up saving you money. But the truth is that since our process is so streamlined, we can easily pass some of our savings on to you. How do we do it?

Our first trick is buying in bulk. We have a large warehouse and we specialize in printing and mailing, so we buy very large volumes of what we need — things like paper, envelopes, and ink. When businesses try to print and mail themselves, they often don’t have the square footage or the ability to save money by making bulk purchases.

Our second money-saving measure is hiring dedicated employees. Our team is extremely experienced, dedicated to their job, and part of the Towne Mailer family. They also know absolutely everything about their job, whether it’s printing, processing, mailing, or customer service. Everyone can do their job very quickly, accurately, and with a smile.

Next, we have invested in top-of-the-line technology and equipment that makes every step of the process go faster. Business who don’t specialize in our business have to spend a significant amount of money buying or renting these machines and also maintaining them. Either that, or they use sub-par machines or do the job by hand!

Our Process: Efficiency Comes First

Over the years, we have taken an extremely close look at every step in our process when it comes to efficiency, right down to the location of the different machines on our warehouse floor. We pride ourselves in knowing where we can trim the fat and shave seconds and pennies off of each job, and where we need to invest time and effort into a job to get the very best results. This balance of efficiency and quality is truly what separates us from the competition.

All the Technology Along the Way

Our process would look starkly different without the help of our technology and machinery — it’s one of the biggest reasons that we can save you so much time and money and complete jobs so efficiently. In fact, four different machines touch most of our letters and statements before they are dropped off at the post office.

First, one of our high-speed laser printers takes your data offline and into the real world, producing a combined 350 printed pages each minute.

Next, the printed pages are put onto one of our big high speed inserters where the multiple pages of a bill, invoices statement or letters is accumulated, then folded and inserted into a mailing envelope along with a reply envelope (if required). Also if there is an additional insert like a notice or newsletter that piece is also folded and inserted.

Finally, two machines prepare your mail for the post office. Our optical mail sorter verifies addresses, adds a barcode, and sort pieces into barcodes at the astonishing rate of 10,000 pieces each hour. Then, our postage meters print evidence of postage paid and allow us to drop the mail off at the post office pre-processed and ready to roll.

Processing Two Types Of Mail: Presorted First Class Mail & Bulk Mail

You should know that there are two basic types of mail that require two different processes: presorted First Class mail and bulk mail. Most businesses have a need to mail both types of pieces to their customers and clients.

Presorted First Class mail is used for large mailings to specific individuals. If you are mailing more than 500 letters, and these letters contain unique information (such as a bill, statement or invoice), you can utilize presorted First Class Mail. This is ideal for mail pieces like bills, statements, invoices, notices, letters, and other types of correspondence. Towne Mailer can group your mailings in with those of other small businesses in order to reach the 500-piece minimum for these jobs (and get the savings you need).

Bulk mail is for mailing identical pieces of mail to over 200 people, such as a postcard, letter, or marketing piece. You need a special permit to engage in bulk mailings, and you need to know a number of specific rules about the size and shape of allowed bulk mailings. Towne Mailer can help you with your bulk mailings every step of the way, from designing your pieces to making certain they fit every last mailing regulation.

Our Most Popular Mail Options: Invoices, Statements, Newsletters, Collections Letters, Bulk Mail
Although we can help our clients with almost any type of paper mailing under the sun, we usually execute jobs involving certain types of jobs.

Invoices and statements are our most common type of job. Businesses around the country seek our help to make sure their customers and clients get their bills and statements in a timely manner, and that their bills and invoices are clear and easy to read.

Newsletter printing and mailing is also a common job at Towne Mailer. Hardcopy weekly or monthly newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, strengthen your brand, and keep everyone informed of the news of your business.

Collection letters may be difficult to write and to send, but they are a vital component of making sure your business gets paid for the goods and services that it provides.

Bulk mail is one important way to get the word out to everyone in town, not just your customers, about who you are and what you do. We create, print, process, and mail bulk mail for dozens of our clients.