Outsourced Print and Mail Services

As a professional, you have learned the value of keeping your focus on what you do best. You have found the importance of investing your time and energy in the things that allow you to grow your expertise and expand your business. Outsourcing the tasks that don’t meet your personal and business objectives adds to your productivity and ability to achieve high-level results.

As you seek to be as effective as possible on the job, you’ll need to know which jobs to outsource so they don’t drain your time. For a multitude of reasons, outsourcing your printing and mailing could be the best business and personal decision you will make. Moving your print and mail services offsite will remove the burden of a mundane task from your company and save you money simultaneously.

Print and mail outsourcing is quick and easy, and you will generally see higher-quality printing than most companies can achieve in-house. Towne Mailer is ready to discuss how we can help you achieve your mail goals, freeing you and your employees up to take on the things that matter the most to your business.

Print to Mail Services

Expert printing and mailing companies like Towne Mailer can help you with a variety of business needs that revolve around mail. Having invested time and money into top of the line print and mail machinery, we can complete your project faster than most businesses can complete it in-house. When you combine the efficiency of professional print-to-mail with the cost savings we pass along to you through bulk discounts, outsourced print and mail services become an easy choice for most professionals.

Print to mail services can be customized to meet your business’s unique demands and take various forms. Because every business is different, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all solution with print and mail services. Instead, we work with you to create solutions that will add the most value to your company.

Invoices– Invoices are a standard service offered by print to mail companies. You will send us your invoice data, and our team will format your invoices to be professional and easy to read. They will be printed, folded, stuffed with return envelopes and marketing inserts, and sent to the post office for distribution. 

Statement– Statement distribution is similar to how we would produce invoices. You will send all your data to us through a secure server, where we will expertly design your statements and push them out to your customers. 

Letters– Physical mail is the best way to guarantee your information will reach your audience. If you want to avoid taking the chance that your communications will get lost in email inboxes, sending physical mail is the best option. We can print your letters and address, meter and distribute them in minutes. This frees you up to move on to other tasks. 

Newsletters– Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your customers and membership involved in your organization. Producing a regular newsletter can be an overwhelming task to complete in-house, but our outsourced mailing service can utilize our technology to print, fold, and stuff your newsletter in minutes before sending it on its way to your customers.

Print to Mail Services

Advantage of Outsourcing

When you outsource your print and mail services for business, your organization only stands to benefit. It’s one of the rare business decisions that doesn’t come with a downside. The advantages of outsourcing will almost always outweigh the benefits of keeping your print to mail services in-house.

Advantage of Outsourcing


Using an outsourced mailing service allows you to buy back time you invested in mundane tasks. It takes hours for most businesses to pull off a large scale print and mail project. Outsourcing allows your project to be completed in a fraction of that time.

Our professional print and mail company utilizes the best machinery in the business to make the task quick and easy. This, along with our folding and stuffing technologies, help us quickly push your projects out the door. 

Not only will your project be done fast, but you will get to recapture the many hours you would have spent on mail-related tasks. Print and mail outsourcing allows your team to reallocate time spent on mail projects to more beneficial things. You will gain back the time spent printing, stuffing, and metering mail and also the time you spend managing machine leases, maintaining printers, and ordering supplies. Just imagine what you can accomplish with the time and resources your company puts into producing mail. 


Producing mail in-house has many hidden costs, making it hard to quantify the actual cost to your business. Print and mail outsourcing allows you to keep better tabs on the exact cost your business puts into your mail services. Many companies are shocked to learn exactly how much goes into getting their mail ready for distribution. A variety of factors drives these costs: 

  • printer leases  
  • maintenance costs
  • paper & ink 
  • folding and stuffing technology
  • labor costs

An outsourced mailing service produces mail at such a high volume they can take advantage of bulk discounts. A huge benefit of outsourcing is that those bulk savings are passed on to you, driving down the cost of sending mail. Most companies simply do not produce enough volume to beat professional prices because we can cost-effectively source our bulk paper and ink orders while running our printers at a high level. The result is a unique equation where we can take on your workload while saving you money.

Competing with the efficiency of printing and mailing companies is challenging, and that’s why outsourcing makes sense almost all the time.

Towne Mailer’s Commitment to Privacy

At Towne Mailer, we have mastered the art of mail. We know precisely what it takes to get your mail out the door, but we also know that sometimes your print job is more than that. We understand that the information you provide to our team in order to execute your outsourced print and mail services can be sensitive, which is why we take privacy and security seriously.

You’ll want the strongest security practices- not only for your business but also for your customers. We have gone above and beyond in developing procedures that ensure your information—and your customers’ information—stays secure.

Towne Mailer uses layers of security to ensure that your information is protected when it is in our hands. Our employees have all signed non-disclosure agreements as a condition of employment, which cover all of the information our staff members encounter through printing and mailing. We have a thorough understanding and commitment to adhering to HIPAA privacy standards and will provide a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to each of our medical clients.

We keep our technology and facilities up to date with the latest security standards. Using a secure server, providing a firewall, extensive encryption, and password protection are just a few of the measures we take to protect your information. We also have enhanced security on-site to physically protect all of our assets and the information that they contain. As a result, when you trust us with your print and mail needs, we can guarantee the privacy you expect.

Towne Mailer’s Promise to You

Towne Mailer stands ready to take on all your mail projects and run them through our highly refined and efficient processes. When you outsource printing and mailing with us, you can trust that we will treat your project with the same high standards that you would. Our state of the art printing technology will yield outstanding results, while our employees will work hard to format and design your project to your exacting standards. Our quality control process is designed to eliminate errors and ensure that the final product represents your company well.

To top it all off, we think you will really like to work with us. With years of experience mastering print and mail services for business, you will find our team is not only the most knowledgeable in the industry, but we will also promise you the best customer service. You will always talk to a real person, we will never send you to voicemail, and we will keep you updated on the status of your project as it moves through our process.

If you are ready to benefit from all of the ways Towne Mailer can help your business succeed, we are ready to chat about your next project. The first step is to reach out for a quote. Then we can work with you to discuss your business objectives. With that information we will choose the best avenue for making print and mail services work for your company.

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