We’re extremely proud to say that after almost 20 years in business, we’ve never lost a client because they’ve been unhappy with our service. In fact, when you partner with us to outsource your mail processing needs, we make a promise to you to be as helpful, available, understanding, and accommodating as possible.

Here’s what’s at the center of our outstanding customer service program:

  • You will always get a human voice on the other line. We strive to be as available as possible to our clients. This means that, first and foremost, we will pick up the phone during our business hours (and even sometimes outside of those hours). Not only will you get a real live person when you call, you will likely get someone who is familiar with you, your business, and your needs.
  • We are opened for extended business hours each weekday. We are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each weekday, not only so that we can guarantee a quick turnaround for our clients, but also so we can be available during the traditional workday no matter which time zone you are located in. We also don’t mind putting a few extra hours in to meet the needs of our clients in special circumstances.
  • We feel it is important to get to know each of our clients. One of the reasons that we have such a great track record with quality control and client retention is that we get to know each customer, their needs, and their business – all from day one.
  • We are always up for a challenge. We take pleasure in going above and beyond for our clients. If you have a request, an idea, or even a criticism, we want to hear from you. And if we see a way that you can improve your billing statements or other documents, we are happy to help. We absolutely don’t mind special requests, questions, or new ideas.
  • You can always ask to talk to Michael. Our founder and CEO is not in a corner office, impossible to see or speak to. In fact, Michael Stronberg is often out on the warehouse floor, working with the rest of the team, answering phone calls, and helping with everyday operations. If you have a problem or a concern, chances are Michael wants to hear directly from you – and he will personally help solve your problem.

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