When we talk to our clients, we often hear about the two biggest benefits of using our printing and mailing outsourcing services: saving time and saving money. However, we want everyone to know that those are just two of many, many advantages to letting us print, process, and mail your statements.

For example, in this post we will discuss how outsourcing your statement printing and mailing can help reduce incoming customer service calls.

How Is Statement Mailing Related To Customer Service?

How can letting us help you mail your statements and bills result in fewer phones ringing at your office or at a call center? There are actually a variety of ways that one thing can affect the other.

  • We mail your bills and statements quickly. We have a guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours or less on regular jobs and we pre-sort all mail so that the post office doesn’t have to. The result is that your bills arrive in mailboxes and on doorsteps in just a few days after you send us the your data, whether your customers live in Maine or Arizona. Fewer customers will call asking after their late bill.
  • We design your statements for clarity and simplicity. Part of our services includes making design changes to your statements so that they look great and are extremely easy to read and understand. With our layout and design, fewer customers will have questions regarding items on their statements or payment due – and they won’t need to pick up the phone and call you.
  • We check quality throughout our process. Our quality assurance system means that your print and mail jobs are checked at multiple points along the process, from when you send us your statement information to when we bring your mail to the post office. We also run a number of reports that help catch any possible errors. When errors don’t make it onto the statement and to your customer, they have no reason to call customer service.

How Reducing Customer Service Calls Helps You Save

Why is reducing calls to your customer service line a big benefit? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Fewer customer service calls means greater customer satisfaction.
  • Fewer customer service calls means hiring fewer customer service representatives.
  • Fewer customer service calls means that the quality of your customer service will improve.
  • Fewer customer service calls means that your overall customer support costs will be reduced.

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