What happens, exactly, when you call or email us to inquire about our outsource service to print and mail your invoices, statements and letters?

The answers are simple:

1. We ask you what your approximate monthly volume of invoices, bills, statements and\or letters that you print and mail a month.

2. We quote you an all-inclusive price that includes: paper, mailing and reply envelopes, printing, folding, inserting AND 1 st class postage.

3. If you like our pricing we walk you through the process of logging in and uploading your file and answer whatever technical questions you may have.

4. Once we receive the file we test it, print or post samples for your consideration (without cost) and approval.

5. Once you approve we go live and you can relax because you have handed over this time-consuming task.
How can we possibly save you time, money, and effort on all of your business mailings of your invoices, statements, and letters?

Again, the answers are simple:

1. You SAVE time because all you have to do is transmit your file to us and we do the rest – this task is off your plate and you can concentrate on your business and use the ‘new-found’ time to get more business.

2. You SAVE money because you save labor, material, machine and postage costs – we provide everything.

3. You SAVE effort because you and your staff do not have to take time to print, fold, stuff and apply postage to your invoices, bills, statements and/or letters.

How involved do you have to be in each step?

Once you are set-up and approve the format you are through – all you need to do thereafter is transmit the file as often as you would like.

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Learn more about the printing and mailing services we provide.

Call us and tell us about your printing and mailing needs. We will let you know how we can help you, how much it will cost, and how fast we can do it. We can also take a look at your statements, invoices, and letters and improve their appearance, clarity, and design (if you’d like).

After you upload your information onto our secure, encrypted website, in a Text, CSV, Excel, PDF, or XML format, we will produce samples of your documents without charge or obligation. At this point, you can review your design and layout looks, make any needed changes.

You will now upload your complete, actual files to Towne Mailer. Once again, you will have the opportunity to view everything related to your printing and mailing job – and to make changes, ask questions, or simply verify information. If requested, we won’t print until you have examined your documents and approved them.

Throughout the process, but especially at this point, quality control is of the utmost importance to our staff. Before we print, we will certify addresses and complete a thorough production checklist that follows the job to completion. We also strive to get to know our clients’ businesses and documents, so that we can stay alert for anything about the job that doesn’t look right.

Our four high-speed laser printers, which have a combined printing speed of 450 pages per minute, ensure that your bills, statements, and invoices are printed quickly so that they are ready to be processed and mailed.

Next, one of our folding machines will fold your documents. Then our intelligent inserting machines and accumulators will place them in an envelope (along with a reply envelope if needed). Our optical scanner sorter will verify addresses and spray on a barcode before sorting the mail according to various zip code sequences. Our postage meters will finish the job.

Finally, less than a day from when we received your file (or sooner), we will drop off your mail at the post office. Because your first-class mail is presorted, CASS-certified and barcoded, it will skip the normal processing steps at the post office and get to your customers and clients more quickly than if you were to drop them in the mailbox yourself.

Our team will supply you with a variety of reports about the job so that you can review bad addresses, analyze data, or simply have proof that you mailed out your documents. We will also touch base with you to make sure you are satisfied with the process, to see if you have any questions, and to ask if you wish to change anything about future mailings.

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