Many of our clients are already aware that to outsource printing and mailing of their invoices and statements can save their business time and money. However, not everyone realizes that when you outsource your invoices and statements, there are a lot of other benefits, too. Many of our clients report that having someone else handle their statement printing and mailing actually improves the overall cash flow in their business.

Eva Stamtamm, a health care facility administrator in Edmonds, Washington, has been using Towne Mailer for her employers’ medical statements for the past nine years. One of the biggest reasons that she outsources her printing and mail processing? In addition to keeping her budget lean, she reported that “The patients are more responsive to their statements!” More responsive patients mean that more statements are paid and that cash flow improves.

Below, read about four more ways that Towne Mailer can improve cash flow.

  • Better statements mean better communication with customers. We know how to make statements and invoices clear and professional. By creating invoices that are easy for customers to understand, we increase the chance that they will pay their bill – or call your company with questions or concerns. Something as small as changing your statement font or formatting can help you get paid faster and more often.
  • Faster mailings mean faster payments. Without the correct technology and know-how, a monthly statement mailing can take hours or days. With our 24-hour guaranteed turnaround time, you can be confident that your statements will get to your customers as quickly as possible, no matter where in the United State they are located. In addition, because we presort our mail, the post office is able to process it more quickly. When your customers get their statements and invoices earlier, you get paid earlier.
  • Less money tied up in supplies means more money in the bank. If you do your printing, processing, and mailing in-house, you must keep and store bulk amounts of paper, envelopes, stamps, and other supplies, creating not only another item to worry about on your to-do list but also multiple extra expenses. If you outsource to Towne Mailer, you incur one all-inclusive expense for each mailing and don’t have to worry about purchasing supplies, storing supplies, or keeping up stock.
  • Less busy work for employees means more real work gets done. Very simply, outsourcing your printing and mail processing allows your employees to get busy with more important tasks: finishing projects, meeting with customers, finding new business, and making sure operations are running smoothly. These tasks, as you might guess, increase profits and reduce losses.

If you are ready to improve your business’ cash flow, we are ready to assist you. Send us an email or call us today at (877) 882-6245 to learn more about our services and see how we can help your business and your bottom line.