An invoice is just a simple sheet of paper, and yet without it, you wouldn’t get paid for any of your hard work. Many businesses do not put much thought into their invoices, not realizing that a well-designed invoice can mean faster payments, less customer service calls, fewer second notices, and better overall cash flow.

Below, we offer you four easy tips on how you can update your invoice design to create clearer, better looking, and more effective invoices:

  • Understand that blank space is your friend. When it comes to invoices, more is not better. Do not clutter your invoices with unnecessary information, writing, or decoration: keep them as simple and stark as possible. It’s important to understand that a well-designed invoice is not necessarily a busy invoice. White space helps readers focus on the information they are looking for and not get distracted.
  • Describe line items clearly and in detail. Perhaps the most important information contained in your invoice is the line in which your services or products are described. The more clear your descriptions are of what work you completed, the less likely a client will have questions about what he or she is writing a check for. If you bill for the same types of products and services, it can help to have a standardized way of listing them on every invoice.
  • Remove all superfluous information. An invoice is not a place to list your company’s mission and philosophy, to remind clients of upcoming events, or to print a picture of your office building. To make what was provided and what is owed as clear as possible, only include that information and resist the urge to clutter the page. If you want to include more information (news, updates, announcements, sales, etc.) consider adding a separate insert into the envelope.
  • Include clear contact information. The point of a good invoice is to minimize the chance that a client doesn’t understand the bill and the chance that the client will have to contact you in order to ask a clarifying question. However, if the client does have a question about the bill, you should make certain that he or she knows exactly who to call. Be sure to include your address, email address, phone number, and office hours on every invoice–and place it prominently.

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