What Information Should You Include on Your Invoice?

Did you know that the information you include on your invoice – as well as how you include it – can affect how quickly and accurately your business is paid? A complete, easy-to-read invoice can save your business time and money while improving cash flow.

What are the components of a great invoice, and what should every invoice include?

  • Three important dates. Your invoice should include three dates: the date the invoice was sent or issued, the date of the work completed, and the date that the invoice is due. Including the work completion date can help your clients better understand which services or products he is paying for, while the invoice date helps the client pay in a timely manner.
  • An invoice number. Some businesses overlook the importance of numbering their invoices, but this step can minimize confusion, especially if there is an issue with payment or an issue with the invoice itself.
  • Check writing information. When your client pays you, what exactly should go on the check? Including a “make checks payable to” line at the bottom of your invoice makes it easier for your client to respond. At the same time, it makes it less likely that your client will write a check to the wrong person or entity (such as writing a check to you instead of your company). Also make a note if you’d like customers to include their account number or the invoice number on the check.
  • A clear description of services and goods. Nothing slows down invoice payments like vague work descriptions. If you are not clear about what your client is paying for and why, you will get a lot of customer service calls, which are time-consuming, distracting, and expensive. Take time to describe each service, and break down multiple charges so that clients can see where the final number comes from (for example, write “three print jobs at $40 each,” instead of “Print jobs $120”).
  • A sum total. Don’t make your clients do math! Make certain that your invoice doesn’t just list separate jobs without clearly including a total for the month. Also make sure that it is clear that the full amount is due at the time that the invoice is issued.
  • Your logo. Your invoice is not just a bill, it is also an opportunity to solidify your brand and look as professional as you are. By adding your logo, either at the head of your invoice or as a screen, you send your customers a consistent message about who you are and what you do.
  • A sincere thank you. Remember that you want to continue to do business with your clients in the future, and that their business keeps your business running successfully! A heartfelt “Thank you for your business!” at the bottom of your invoice adds a friendly tone and a strong message: you appreciate them and want to partner again.

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