The world is going digital, and so has your marketing strategy. The internet age has provided incredible opportunities for marketing, but it is also flooded online spaces with competition. Direct mail is the next natural step if you are looking for a marketing strategy that sets you apart while enhancing your online efforts. When you partner with a company that provides print and mail services and specializes in direct mail services, customers will see eye-catching marketing in their mailbox and grab their attention. If you haven’t already started exploring the potential of enhancing your marketing with a direct mail campaign – there is no time like the present.

Direct Mail Produces Results

While direct mail can carry a stigma of being antiquated and old-fashioned, its surprising success at building exposure should not be overlooked. Direct mail allows you to enhance your marketing efforts beyond the digital footprint and provides the ability to make tangible contact with the customers you are trying to reach.

When used in tandem with the efforts you are already making, you will catch people’s eye in a new and interesting way that makes people take notice. Say someone saw your ad on Facebook and scrolled past it. They then noticed you again in a Google search, and while they found it interesting, they didn’t stop to click. When that person then sees you again, but this time in their mailbox, you’ve got their attention. Not only have they noticed you, but they are holding a physical piece of mail and interacting with it. It is informative, enticing, and now they are hooked.

Direct mail has a startling response rate for this reason. It is a tried-and-true way to drive sales. It is effective. There is a reason your mailbox is full of marketing. It works. Companies like yours see results, making it an avenue of marketing that people keep returning to even after years of digital advancements.

Enhancing Your Marketing

1. Additional Touchpoint

Every single time you have an opportunity for a touchpoint with a customer, you have a chance to make a sale. But even touchpoints that don’t lead directly to a sale are still valuable. Cultivating a customer’s perception of your business will drive them to spend their money with you. If they don’t purchase now, you may very well make a sale at the next touchpoint. Thus, every single opportunity you have to expose your brand is a valuable one.

When customers only see your presence online, your existence lives and dies there. But using cross channels to make your business exist in the physical realm creates a tangibility you will never find online. This coexistence is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. When customers see you on the internet, in their inbox, as an ad on Google, and then get a piece of mail from you, they take note.

You are no longer just one of the many digital marketers vying for their dollars. You are now someone who stands out to them due to repeat exposure. These additional touchpoints are a valuable marketing tool and will help you drive your revenue.

2. Expand Your Reach

Expanding the footprint of exposure is the goal of marketing campaigns. You want to get as many sets of eyes on your materials as possible. A direct mail marketing campaign allows you to physically put marketing materials in the hands of customers who may be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

One of the most incredible incentives for using direct mail is the potential to expand your reach. Filtering your marketing campaign to reach more households that fit what you are selling will grow your exposure exponentially. The great thing about mail is that you can direct your mail to specific demographics for the most significant impact. Sending mail to your target income earners, geographic location, or age group is a compelling reason to choose direct mail and provides a great return on investment.

3. The Magic of Print

There is something about printed materials that speaks differently. When you send out emails or use digital ads, many people are accustomed to pushing delete or scrolling past. But mail is different, giving customers the chance to physically interact with your company, allowing for more thoughtful interactions with your marketing than you will likely get digitally.

Physical print also allows you to do things differently than you would online. Playing with layout, design, and branding to highlight your company in a modern and compelling way will grab people’s attention. A mail campaign is your chance to play with your marketing and do something exciting. When customers see something fun and eye-catching in their mailbox, they will certainly take note, often driving them online to fully explore the full extent of what you offer.

Print offers a unique chance to remain in someone’s home far longer than a digital ad. If you survive the trip past the recycle bin and into someone’s home, you may end up in a stack of mail. But the wonderful thing about print is when they sort through that mail- days, weeks, or months in the future, they will think of your company once again. Creating multiple touchpoints with one ad simply isn’t possible digitally.

Direct mail can work with your digital campaigns to enhance your message. It isn’t a replacement for your online marketing. Customers should see a message that tells a different story of who you are, complementing what they have seen online. Direct mail can be used in really fun and creative ways to play together with your digital marketing to produce some really great results.