Every year, the global media company, Forbes, publishes a list of bold and innovative business trends that are driving success. They work closely with businesses of all sizes and in all industries, then compile a list of successful trends. Businesses around the globe turn to Forbes to learn new suggestions that will help their productivity.

statisticsTowne Mailer is a printing and mailing process company that strives for excellence. Just like the readers of Forbes, we constantly seek bold and innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we propose that a partnership with Towne Mailer may increase your productivity and may drive your company’s success.

Though the different strategies offered by Forbes may vary, it is clear that outsourcing all of your printing and mailing needs easily align the description of each of Forbes’ bold and innovative suggestions. Here are the top four business trends that are driving success in the national and international market, as well as a clear explanation of how a professional printing and mailing service fits:

A Focus On The Customer Experience

Many people understand what customer service is, but few know the difference between customer service and customer experience. The customer experience is all of the interactions your customer has with your company considered as one entire experience. This begins when a potential customer first learns of your company and continues long after they purchase your goods and services.  Forbes describes how leading companies are focusing their efforts on increasing their customers’ experience. Ensuring positive customer experience guarantees customer loyalty.

Outsourcing all of your mail to a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, benefits your customer experience by creating professional, timely, and reliable mail services. Towne Mailer helps local, national, and international businesses print and mail their documents and materials such as bills, invoices, notifications, reminders, personalized letters, jury notices and questionnaires, newsletters, inserts, flyers, and more. By providing consistent and professional communication with your customers and clients, Towne Mailer is committed to securing a positive customer experience for your clients.

Customers Prefer Tangible Interactions Over Social Media And Email

We are living in a time when if you blink you have missed the latest technological advances. New gadgets seem to hit the market every week, and customers find it hard to keep up with the latest trend. Despite all of the tech trends, studies show customers still prefer personal and tangible interactions over social media and email. Yes, many businesses have decided to communicate with customers solely through email and social media, but in doing so they are alienating quite a few.

By providing regularly printed invoices, bills, or statements you are able to reach clients who have resisted tech trends for whatever reason. Many seniors are just not familiar with the latest technology. Some lower-income families, or families who have a lot of other living expenses, just can’t afford expensive technology. And, some are just tired of constantly being tied to technology. They work hard to set boundaries around ‘screen time.’ Whatever their reasoning is, you don’t want to make communication for some of your clients difficult.

A printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, helps you reach all of your clients effortlessly and consistently. It’s just as simple as typing in client information and then allowing our automated system to do the work for you.

Millennials Are Comfortable With Generation Z

This is an unusual observation for Forbes to write on, but very relevant. Over the past decade, we have heard so much criticism of the ‘millennial’ generation (those born between 1981-1996). They have been characterized as lazy, entitled, complainers, who are all looking for a ‘participation trophy.’ No matter what your opinion of the millennial generation is, it is clear that baby-boomers (those born from 1946-1964) have little if anything positive to say about this demographic cohort.

Some social analysts suggest that millennials are not lazy and entitled, but rather want to elicit change in the traditional workplace. They look for job opportunities that are rewarding and where they feel respected.

Interestingly enough, millennials are now at the age where they will step into managerial positions. The oldest of them being 37 years old! Generation Z consists of seventy million people born after 1998. They will start to enter into college and search for jobs, and millennials will be their leaders. And, unlike their baby-boomer predecessors, millennials are proving to be more compassionate and understanding to complaints about working conditions.

Smart businesses are working fast to understand the needs of Generation Z as workers and consumers. If you hope to own a successful modern business, you must be aware that employees of today are seeking comfortable work environments. They have a high focus on living a happy and meaningful life. The more you can reduce the amount of mindless, exhausting, and mundane work that your business requires, the happier your employees will feel and the less employee turnover you will have.

When you outsource your printing and mailing needs to Towne Mailer you free your employees from the exhausting and mind-numbing work of printing mail, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, and mailing. Towne Mailer can help you follow the trend of creating a positive work environment for employee satisfaction.

Wages And Benefits Are On The Rise

To accommodate the global rise in the cost of living, companies across all industries are expecting to provide a raise in compensation. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, companies can expect to see a 3% increase in compensation across all industries and more in some.

Talented employees expect not only healthy wages, but benefits, perks, flexibility, autonomy, and a healthy work/life balance. Of course, not all businesses are suited to make enough money to offer such packages to their employees. But smart businesses who are trying to follow the trend of success recognize that the more positive attention given to employees, the more positive attention your employees will have for your business.

By outsourcing and streamlining all of your printing and mailing needs, Towne Mailer can help you save on your overhead costs. With consistent savings, your company can offer more perks and better wages for your employees. Happy employees mean higher office morale, better productivity, and less turn over in employment. Let Towne Mailer help you make your employees feel honored and valued.

It’s Your Turn

After reading these top four suggestions, it is your turn to analyze your company policies to determine how you should adjust to fit the global trends of success. How do these trends encourage you to change your business? What are the trends that you have observed that you think should make the list of successful business practices? Is your company ready to outsource your printing and mailing needs to fit the trends of global success?

If you are willing to review and self-analyze, good business advice goes a long way. Smart business owners are constantly seeking ways to perfect their process and streamline their productivity.

Towne Mailer

After years of being an attorney in an urban setting, Michael Stronberg was ready to move to the beautiful state of Montana. He and his wife opened a small printing and mailing service business.

Towne Mailer is located in Missoula, Montana, and functions as a printing and mailing process company. We help businesses of all sizes across the country with their statements, invoices, and any other regular mailing needs. Our goal is to help businesses save time, effort, and money by providing a streamlined professional mailing service.

Like the smart business trends highlighted by Forbes, Michael worked to expand his services and improve his process. The small printing and mailing business grew quickly from a business of three employees to a business of twelve. They added the option of remote mail printing and sorting to their list of services. With more and more success, they moved from an office in Kalispell, Montana, to a 7,000-foot warehouse in Missoula.

Just like many other businesses who turn to Forbes for advice on bettering their business practices, Towne Mailer stays committed to striving for excellence. We constantly practice self-reflection and ask how we can better our business practices.

Here are a few promises we offer our clients that we feel fit within the description of Forbes’ successful trends:

We promise to save our clients time and money on their printing and mailing production.

We guarantee all of our client’s jobs are printed, processed, and mailed within twenty-four hours or less from the time the files are uploaded to our secure webserver.

We take the time to ensure that all of our clients are knowledgeable of postal regulations and price changes in a timely manner.

And finally, we guarantee that we treat each of our clients the same no matter the mail volume.

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