Selective inserting, also known as intelligent inserting, is one of the many printing and mailing services that we offer at Towne Mailer. Simply put, selective inserting is the process of placing an extra piece of mail into an envelope, but only into some of your customers’ mail pieces.

Selectively inserting papers into an envelope by hand can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. It can also be prone to mistakes and errors. Having a programmed machine handle your selective inserting is a way to quickly and easily save you money, effort and time, while also minimizing mistakes.

Examples of Possible Inserts

Why would you need to use selective inserting when mailing a bill, statement, or letter to a client or customer? At Towne Mailer, our clients use selective inserting for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Adding a newsletter to a statement or bill.
  • Adding a flier.
  • Adding an advertisement.
  • Adding a promotion or coupon.
  • Adding an important note or announcement.

The Benefits of Selective Inserting

Selective inserting is a service that comes with a large number of benefits:

  • Selective inserting saves you time, since this process is done automatically with the help of a computer program and our inserting machines.
  • Selective inserting allows you to connect with some of your customers but not others, saving you money and avoiding sending some customers unnecessary mail.
  • Selective inserting allows you to avoid sending multiple letters to some or all of your customers, such as a separate newsletter or a separate company announcement. This can save you considerable money on mail processing, postage and envelopes.
  • Selective inserting makes it easy to add a promotion or coupon to your statements or bills, helping you engage in marketing and advertising without spending additional money on postage
  • Selective inserting makes targeted marketing much easier: you can effortlessly send marketing pieces only to customers in certain area or customers who utilize specific services or products.
  • Selective inserting makes it easier than ever to make an important announcement, such as a name change, a service, change, or a billing change.
  • Selective inserting can help you partner with other businesses who may want to advertise through your mailings. This can help increase your revenue while connecting your customers to helpful products and services.

Whether you use intelligent inserting while mailing bills and statements, or whether you utilize it for another type of mailing, this feature can help make your mailings more cost-effective, faster, and easier.

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