When people call us to ask about outsourcing their printing and mailing jobs, one of their first questions is always, but is print outsourcing right for my business? It’s a great question. Below, we’ve outlined four different common situations in which outsourcing your printing and mailing solution will improve your business:

Situation #1: You Need More Room.

Printing and mailing invoices, statements, letters, and bills takes up a significant amount of room – we have a large warehouse to do the job! Many smaller companies who take on their own printing and mailing in-house may find themselves crowded out by printers, sorters, and other machinery, not to mention boxes of paper and envelopes, post office letter trays, and other miscellany. Outsourcing your printing and mailing can give your office hundreds of square feet back, which can be repurposed in infinite ways.

Situation #2: You Are A Family Business.

One of our clients is the owner of a small family dry cleaning business that sends out several hundred billing statements each month. Printing and mailing was becoming a tedious chore that he was doing by hand at his dining room table, sometimes enlisting the help of his kids to stuff envelopes and lick stamps. Not only was the task eating family time (and increasing family tension) it was also costing him money – he was surprised and relieved to find that outsourcing not only gave him back his kitchen table, it also improved his bottom line.

Situation #3: Your Manager Is Wearing Too Many Hats.

Every good business has a good office manager: an intrepid leader who gets your business through thick and thin, day after day and year after year. But does your manager have way too many balls in the air these days? Does he or she get overwhelmed, especially at the beginning or end of the month when invoices, statements, bills or other letters need to be mailed? Outsourcing your printing and mailings is an excellent way to take a task off of your manager’s plate and free of his or her time for other projects.

Situation #4: You Want To Save Money.

We often run into the misconception that outsourcing your printing and mailing jobs is a luxury, but this is simply not the case for anyone who needs more than 200 invoices, statements or bills printed and mailed each month. Outsourcing does much more than simplify your business or save you time – our efficient process puts dollars back in your pocket every month.

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