Some business owners struggle to see the benefit of outsourcing their print and mail services. They think it sounds like too much of a hassle to partner with another business to take care of something they handle in-house.

The complicated process of organizing, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, posting, sorting, and delivering all your regular mail is not only time consuming but expensive. When you do not partner with a professional print and mail service and insist on doing all the work in-house, you are hurting your business. Let’s take a closer look at how we can confidently say that Towne Mailer can save you time and money with all your print and mail needs.

There are of course the significant start-up costs of printing and mailing: materials, equipment, office space, and staff education to handle regular mail in house. But for the sake of conversation, let’s start by taking a closer look at the expensive process itself. Organizing data, printing, stuffing envelopes, adding postage, sorting, and delivering mail takes tremendous manpower. The labor costs, alone, are too expensive.

These costs are greater even when minimal problems arise; employees get sick, technology breaks down, typing errors happen. There are many simple issues that can become quite expensive as they hold-up your in-house production. What would it mean to you to unload this burden off your staff and onto a trusted partner? What would it mean to you to trust a partner to manage all your printing and mailing needs?

The Benefits Of Farming Out Print Mail Production

There are obvious benefits your company can experience when outsourcing your print and mail production. Such as the reduced capital investments, less paper, envelopes, and postage inventory, and the reduced likelihood of human error. These are the benefits that are easy to see but let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of partnering with a professional print and mail service, like Towne Mailer.

Added Security: How often do we hear on the news that there has been a major data breach? How often do our friends and family announce that their computers and accounts have been hacked? When you store all your customer’s and client’s information on your work computers you leave their information vulnerable. Towne Mailer has the maximum level of data protection available. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your client’s information is safe and secure.

Expedited Mail Delivery: When your statements, invoices, and bills are mailed quickly, you are paid quickly. There is no better way to improve brand loyalty than to deliver flawless, timely and consistent billing. Not to mention, your company templates are honored, your mail is presorted, you receive a discount on postage, and all documents are guaranteed to be processed within twenty-four hours. By outsourcing your print and mail production, you get a discount, you get paid by your customers faster and your clients learn to respect your business.

Meet Industry Demands: Because partnering with a professional print and mail service helps with efficiency, it is considered a necessary step in scaling any company. Professional partnerships are no longer just thought of as smart but considered the industry norm. By taking this essential step in your business development, you demonstrate to your staff and your clients that you are a conscientious business owner.

Stay Informed: How often do mail regulations change? How often do shipping rates increase? If you want to take advantage of all the discounts available, you need to know the ins and outs of the mail industry. It’s difficult to stay up to date on all the requirements if you are simultaneously running a business. But it is our business to know these things! Allow us to navigate the complicated world of mail regulations and discounts for you.

How Exactly Does This Save Money?

If you are successful with business, you most likely are familiar with trimming down unnecessary expenses. That is imperative to increase profitability. Simply put, a document outsourcing company saves on company time, reduces errors and processing costs, all while allowing you full control of your business’s print and mail production.

With increased efficiency, you have greater customer outreach and control overproduction. The most common documents that are outsourced are statements, invoices, and bills. That means, beyond the cost-savings you experience with reducing inventory and labor costs, you also increase revenue by becoming more efficient.

Think about your in-house printing and mailing process. How long would you guess it takes your in-house team to organize, print, fold, stuff, post, sort, and deliver one document? For the sake of conversation, say your office could fully produce one piece of mail, from start to finish, in one minute. If your office sends out 500 pieces of mail, it would take an entire workday to complete. And that is not calculating breaks.

Even the most efficient offices take longer than a minute per piece of mail. Most offices average between 3-5 minutes for the process. That means your office could be spending an entire week for as little as 500 pieces of mail. That is not sustainable. The labor costs alone are far too expensive.

Of course, the added frustration for in-house mail production is that the more clients you take on, the more mail you send. Does your business mail out statements, invoices, bills, coupons, flyers, or newsletters? That means with each added customer, the more time, technology, and inventory you must manage.

The costs for your in-house printing and mailing process can grow
exponentially and very quickly. 1000 pieces of mail could take 2 weeks to complete. 1500 pieces of mail could take as much as 3 weeks to complete. Pretty soon, you need an entire department just dedicated to print and mail responsibilities. Who can afford that?

Don’t fear growth. Don’t question if you and your team can manage the added responsibilities of new customers or clients. Partner with a print and mail processing company to guarantee your documents are mailed on time, every time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Automated Service?

With today’s advanced technology, almost everything is automated. Appointments are scheduled, memberships are renewed, and bills are paid by automated technology. The predominant business magazine, Forbes, suggested that taking advantage of automated services is necessary for success.

Learning to delegate is not only smart but essential for successful companies. Partnering with a professional print and mail service company is now more commonly outsourced than payroll and accounting. A fully automated printing and mailing system saves time, money, and effort. By partnering with professional providers, a company is free to turn its focus to its core competencies.

With a fully automated process, like Towne Mailer, your team uploads client information to a safe and secure database once. You select the document type and set the schedule. From there, all future documents are set to a schedule of your choice. You can rest assured that every follow-up is mailed out like clockwork.
Your office is instantaneously transformed. You no longer pay labor costs for long, drawn-out print and mail production. No more print and mail inventory. No more postage. No more mind-numbing paperwork. Your office is free from the never-ending cycle of regular mail.

Improve Office Morale

The workforce is changing. Younger generations value different things than older generations. There is an added emphasis on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Today’s workforce demands respect. Who can blame them?

That means that workers want to be valued for their skills. They want to have jobs that feel fulfilling and meaningful. Of course, not every office task has the potential to feel uplifting. There are a lot of things that just can’t be changed. But by outsourcing the most repetitive, tedious, and soul-crushing work, like printing invoices, statements, etc., stuffing envelopes and sorting mail, you communicate to your staff that you care about their well-being.

You hired good workers. They want to demonstrate their skill set. Don’t let them drown in the never-ending tide of paperwork. Leave the repetitive printing, folding, stuffing, posting, sorting, and delivering mail to a professional mail; outsource provider like Towne Mailer.

Is My Business The Right Type For This?

Simply put, if you have a business that sends out regular mail, a professional printing and mailing service like Towne Mailer can help. Towne Mailer prints and mails documents for local, national, international business of all sizes and in all industries.

For more than twenty years, Towne Mailer has offered print and mail support for mom-and-pop shops, hospitals, church groups, multi-level corporations, schools, dental offices, restaurants, veterinary offices, boys’ and girls’ clubs, and much more.

No matter what line of work you are in, outsourcing your print and mail needs not only is a smart business decision, it is the industry standard. You prove to your colleagues that you are competent and well-informed.

Who Is Towne Mailer?

The mission for Towne Mailer is to provide quality printing and mailing support at an affordable price to clients locally, nationally, and internationally. We have been in business for over twenty years and have mastered the art of streamlining bulk mail production to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Towne Mailer’s attention to detail, emphasis on quality, and commitment to efficiency set us apart from the rest. It is our passion to support businesses as they unload the burden of their print and mail production. We continuously strive for excellence.

Our process is so simple. The first step, of course, is to contact us. One of our team members can calculate exactly how much money you will save, to the penny. Next, we will send you a link where you can upload a test document with no obligation. The test document will allow you to observe the final quality before it is printed. If you are not fully satisfied, there is no obligation to order prints and no penalty fee. You are not charged, and nothing is printed until you are fully confident and satisfied with our partnership.

With no obligation and no penalty fee, what do you have to lose? Contact us today. We look forward to discussing how we can provide economical solutions for your document print and mail needs.

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