One of the central reasons that we can save you money on your printing, processing, and mailing is that we have invested in some very cool machinery and technology – technology that transforms your digital files into a sealed, posted, and sorted letter in a tiny fraction of the time it takes for a human to do so.

printing and mailing servicesEach time you upload a file to our website, it will take a ride through a number of machines, all with the help of our expert staffers. These pieces of technology make it possible for us to have such a short turnaround time – and they are one of the major reasons that we can shave so much wasted time and money off of processing printing and mailing.

Let’s take a closer look at our most important pieces of  printing and mailing technology:

  • Our four high-speed laser printers. These are nothing like the printer you have at home. Our laser printers have a combined print volume of 350 pages per minute, and our staff members are so knowledgeable and experienced with them that common problems in your office, like paper jams, are resolved quickly and expertly.
  • Our high-volume burster. This handy machine can cut, burst, and perforate forms and letters with speed and accuracy – and process hundreds of feet of paper per minute.
  • Our two high-speed folders. After your documents are printed, these two simple but vital machines will fold your papers neatly into envelope size – and at a rate that dwarfs the pace of a human.
  • Our 6-station inserting machines. These machines come equipped with intelligent accumulators that place your folded mail, complete with reply email, into a standard #10 envelope. And yes, these machines also seal the envelope shut.
  • Our high-speed addressing machine. This piece of technology, which comes with an in-line tabber, turns addressing envelopes from a hateful, tedious task to a brief and easy step in our process.
  • Our optical outgoing mail sorter. This awesome piece of technology can read letters at a rate of 10,000 pieces per hour. Even at that speed, it can verify an address, spray a barcode, and sort mail in various zip code sequences.
  • Our four high-speed postage meters. These meters print evidence of postage paid on each of your letters and save you even more time and money by allowing us to simply drop off mail at the post office.

Do you want your statements and invoices to take a spin through our system – and do you want to see how much your business can save on printing, processing, and mailing? Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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