quality mail processing At Towne Mailer, we believe that one thing that truly separates us from the competition is our attention to detail and our well-developed quality control and assurance system. We do not blindly print, process, and mail the documents you upload onto our servers, we are with you every step of the way, from beginning to end, to ensure that your final product is exactly how you want it.

Let’s look at our bill processing quality control system from start to finish:

  • Our initial testing and sample run. Before we start any new job with a client, we have our client upload a typical document so that we can produce samples and discuss them with you (free of cost or obligation, of course). During this phase of the project, we make sure that your information is right, that formatting is correct, and that everything looks exactly like you want it to look. This stage is also a great time for our staff to get to know your personnel, your needs, and your preferences.
  • Client approval before printing. Before every single job is printed, our clients have the option of personally approving the digital copies online. While some clients take advantage of this feature, many of our long-time clients trust our track record enough to skip this step completely.
  • Quality checks during printing and processing. Our staff members personally conduct spot checks during printing and processing in order to confirm with their own eyes that the statements look right and that the job is running smoothly. Because many of our staffers are familiar with our regular clients, they are great at noticing when even small details are off.
  • Quality reports after mailing. After the job is mailed, our clients are able to go online and see a variety of reports related to the job that was just completed. For example, they can look at a list of bad addresses that cropped up during the job or a view a complete list of what was mailed to whom.

In addition, throughout the quality control process, all of our clients can expect the following:

  • Fast, friendly support throughout the process. We are always here to take your calls and emails – and to quickly address your questions and concerns.
  • Staff that knows your account personally. We pride ourselves in getting to know our individual clients, their business, their goals, and their needs.
  • A proactive approach to problems and concerns. If we have a question or are in doubt about any aspect of a job, we are aggressive about investigating the issue, finding answers, and preventing bigger problems.

Does your in-house statement and invoice processing have as many quality checks and safeguards? You may wish to consider our services. Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to talk to one of our team members, find out more information about what we do, or get a free quote on a job.