statement processingAt Towne Mailer, we don’t just blindly print, process, and mail the documents that clients send us – we also help our clients make their statements and invoices as clear and professional as possible. We know that good-looking, easy-to-understand invoices and statements get paid more quickly and more accurately. And we are committed to making sure that our clients’ documents measure up.

Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of invoice and statement templates. Here are some of the common mistakes that we help clients correct:

  • Printing in color. Printing in color may look nice, but it is significantly more expensive than printing in black and white – and without much payoff. We can make your invoice look great and save you money by using grayscale and our high-quality printers.
  • Using unusual fonts. Yes, the font you are using for your invoice might look different or interesting, but it might also be very difficult for your clients to read. A novelty font or a very small font may be especially hard for your clients who are seniors, your clients who speak English as a second language, or your clients with eyesight issues. Commonly used fonts, such as this one, are easier to read and look more professional.
  • Leaving off contact information. Everyone remembers to include how much the customer owes them on invoices, but fewer businesses remember to include their contact information in case a customer has a question or concern about their bill. Your business’ phone number, address, and email should be prominently and clearly displayed. Also include the hours of operation for your office or customer service line so that your clients know when they can reach you.
  • Cluttering your document. More information is not always better. While including a detailed list of charges and your contact information is vital, including too much other stuff can dilute your message and confuse customers. Keep your invoices and statements simple and more customers will respond.
  • Not branding your statements. Did you know that your invoices and statements represent your company in the same way that your marketing materials do? An invoice or statement is one more way that you can promote your brand and get your customers familiar with who you are and what you do. Start by adding a logo to your statement, either as a heading or as a screen.
  • Missing opportunities to communicate with clients. While your statements should be simple and clear, they are also a great medium for sharing short, important messages with your clients, such as a change in products and services or a big company announcement. Adding a simple announcement or special message onto your invoice or statement is a great way to get through to your customers at no extra cost to you.
  • Not giving your invoice a human voice. If your invoice doesn’t say, “Thank you!” you may not be doing all you can to foster a great relationship between you and your customers. If you are asking for a payment, and if you want your customers to come back to you time and again, take a little moment to thank them for their business.

Do you think that your statements and invoices need a helping hand, or are you making one or more of the common invoice mistakes listed above? Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to talk to one of our team members, find out more information, or get a free quote on a job.