Not many businesses put much thought into their statements and invoices – it simply isn’t high on their list of priorities, and a statement is just a statement, right? Not exactly. At Towne Mailer, we specialize in printing, processing, and mailing statements and invoices, and over the years we’ve discovered that having a cleanly formatted, easy-to-read invoice doesn’t just make your company look better, it also improves your brand, your response rate and cash flow.

While you might not have the time to revamp your statements and invoices, we do. And we’ve learned that there are a few easy steps you can take to fix the appearance of your invoices (and maximize their effectiveness). Here are our top five tips:

  • Pick an appropriate font. Non-traditional fonts might be fun and funky, but they make reading your statements and invoices much more difficult for users. More than that, they also make your business look unprofessional. Simple, well-known fonts (like this one) make your documents easy to read and official-looking.
  • Declutter wherever possible. Some businesses have the mistaken idea that more information and less white space are always better, but that is simply not the case. Customers are more likely to respond to statements and invoices if they are clear and to-the-point. While you should take time to carefully design your documents, you shouldn’t do so under the belief that more is better.
  • Add your logo. A logo can make your statements and invoices look significantly more official and professional. At the same time, it can help solidify and strengthen your brand. We have found success adding logos both to the upper portion of the document and/or a screen of the logo in the body of the invoice or statement.
  • Ditch color. Color documents are not always better than grayscale. In the case of statements and invoices, color makes printing significantly more expensive and doesn’t make your documents any more useful or effective for your customers.
  • Make contacting your business easy. When customers receive statements and invoices and have a question, they will be more likely to get answers (and pay your company) if it is very easy to contact you. Making sure your contact information and customer sevice information (including your hours) is prominently displayed on your invoice will increase the chances that someone pays on time and correctly.

Do these changes seem overwhelming, or do you need our help to improve your invoices and/or statements? At Towne Mailer, our experienced, professional staff can help you with every aspect of your invoice and statement design, from picking the right font, to properly placing and using your logo, to choosing which information to include where.

Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to get a free statement and invoice evaluation as well as a free quote on statement and invoice printing, processing, and mailing.