Most business owners recognize how customer communication is vitally important for the success of their company. Timely, reliable and consistent communication is indisputably important. Yet, despite its importance, businesses buckle under the demands of meeting their monthly bill printing and mailing.

We understand. The long, tedious process of stocking inventory, typing, printing, folding, stuffing, and metering or stamping mail is cumbersome, to say the least. That is what drove the advent of professional printing and mailing services. A print and mail processing company is designed to relieve companies of in-house mail production so businesses can focus on more important matters, like driving revenue.

By outsourcing your bill printing and mailing process, you increase your cash flow while keeping your business on target. You and your staff can focus on your core competencies while having the peace of mind that your bill printing and mailing process is professionally cared for.

In this article, let’s explore how outsourcing your bill printing and mailing can actually save your business money and increase your bottom line.

How Outsourcing Is Cost-Effective

Most frugal businessmen are wary of hiring someone to do a task they can do themselves. Self-sufficiency is often admired. But sometimes independency can get in the way of growth. Partnering with a print and mail processing company can be much more cost-effective than managing your mail in-house.

Let’s break it down. How many bills can your staff process in an hour? Let’s say for the sake of this discussion that your team completely creates, print, fold, stuff, seal and posts one bill per minute. Further, let’s assume you have at least 500 bills to print and mail per month. That means an in-house team would spend a little more than an entire eight-hour workday processing 500 bills, without a break.

Even very efficient offices typically take more than a minute to complete a bill. Most take around 3-5 minutes per document. That means your staff may consume an entire workday printing, processing and mailing 500 bills.

Now consider how that entire process is vulnerable to a number of extenuating circumstances. Printers jam, employees call in sick, inputting errors occur, and many other problems can arise. Your bill printing and mailing could come to a halt because of simple, unavoidable reasons, and your bills may be mailed late. Late bills mean late payments.

A professional print and mail service, like Towne Mailer, has the staff, technology, and infrastructure for peak efficiency. Our state-of-the-art printers and intelligent high-speed inserters are specific to the industry. We have a fully automated system that allows us to print thousands and thousands of bills per day. We guarantee a 24-hour turn around on any document. Compared to an in-house team struggling to complete 500 in a day, the professional benefit is undeniable.

Furthermore, our 7,000 square foot warehouse has the capacity to hold semi-truck shipments of paper and envelopes. That means, the cost per unit of paper, envelops, and other mail materials are significantly reduced. Our savings on material translates to your savings on printing and mailing. Our fast turn around combined with savings on material and postage ensures that outsourcing your bill printing and mailing needs is one of the most cost-effective measures you can adopt for your business.

There Are Additional Benefits To Outsourcing

Efficiency: There is no doubt that outsourcing your bill printing and mailing will improve the efficiency of your business. Your in-house team will be free to focus on more important tasks and vital aspects of your business.

Reliability: Unlike an in-house team that is vulnerable to a number of setbacks, a fully automated print and mail processing company provides precision. Because everything is computerized, you know the exact date and time when your mail is processed. We don’t have issues with paper jams, sick employees, or simply typing errors. Our warehouse production is quick, reliable, and consistent.

Relevancy: Many businesses are saving on time and money by moving all their billing online. But studies show that the majority of the population prefers paper copies of bills. Some elderly customers don’t have enough skills with technology to stay on top of payments. Some customers with disabilities are unable to interact with screens. And some customers simply resent the modern push for everyone to be attached to their computers. They want boundaries around screen-time. No matter the reason, paper bills are still preferred.

Accuracy: There is no question that typing, printing, mailing, and sorting mail is one of the most mind-numbing office tasks. And we all know that more errors occur with tedious monotonous tasks. People make mistakes when they are tired and run-down. With a fully automated process, you greatly reduce the chance of human error. After the customer information is loaded into the database and uploaded to our secure website our fully computerized system completes the billing process and all recurring bills as well.

Employee Morale: As mentioned earlier, outbound mail is one of the most dreaded tasks for any office because of how repetitive each step can be. It is common knowledge that to run a successful business you must invest in the comfort of your employees. Burnout can lead to a high turn over rate with employees. Hiring and training new staff is one of the most expensive processes for any business. By outsourcing your bill printing and mailing needs you demonstrate to your staff that you care about their comfort.

Increased Communication: When an automated print and mail processing company relieves you and your staff from the burden of in-house mail production, it is easier to communicate with your customers. All of a sudden, sending customers coupons, flyers, newsletters, or mail campaigns is of no added effort for your staff. Increased communication can strengthen customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Better Customer Service: It should be no surprise that customers who receive their bills in a quick and consistent manner pay their bills in the same manner. As the business owner, you set the tone for customer relationships. If your customers feel like they can rely on you for quick communication, they are more likely to resolve disputes quickly.

We Are Here To Help

Do you own a small mom-and-pop shop that struggles to compete with larger corporations? Do you run a large corporation that needs to reduce capital investments? Does your church group struggle to send out monthly newsletters and announcements? Or, are you on the board of a non-profit start-up that needs to account for every penny spent?

No matter your reasoning and no matter what type of business or organization you run, outsourcing your printing and mailing is a smart decision. The team at Towne Mailer has seen it all.

Towne Mailer has operated as a print and mail processing company for a little over twenty years. We provide services for local, national and international companies of all sizes and in all industries. We pride ourselves on having close attention to detail and striving for excellence.

Our small office of three employees has grown into a 7,000 square foot warehouse with over twelve employees. Our facilities are well stocked with the most modern, industry-specific technology and equipment. Our work is scalable, customizable, and personalized. No matter your print and mail demands, we are confident that we are well-suited to meet your needs.

Let’s Get Started

If you have been responsible for bill printing and mailing in-house, you know just how difficult and soul-crushing the process can be. Unless you own a print and mail processing company, you did not open a business because you are passionate about printing and mailing bills. So why not seek help? Leave it to professionals who specialize in meeting those needs.

The transition from in-house bill printing and mailing to outsourcing may seem overwhelming. But we are here to tell ease your concerns. It’s really not as complicated as it seems. The friendly staff at Towne Mailer can discuss your print and mail needs and develop an easy plan. We can even calculate your savings to the exact penny.

The first step is to call us. We will send over a link where you can upload a test file. After you have uploaded the data we create and post samples. You have the opportunity to review the upload for quality assurance. We offer you final say before any document is printed and mailed, with no obligation. Once we have your confirmation that the document meets your satisfaction, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. Files that are uploaded by 8 am are printed and mailed the same day.

If that is not convincing enough, Towne Mailer is even willing to send out your first order with no commitment. That means you can view our quality and experience our efficiency with no strings attached. We are confident that once you experience our services you will be convinced.

Let’s get started today. Call to get a quote from one of our friendly team members today. Or send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible. With no risk and no obligation, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! We look forward to partnering with you.

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