Business-critical communications such as invoices, statements, and overdue notices are an integral part of managing your revenue cycle.  Studies have shown that the timely delivery of professional-looking documents decreases delinquent payments and improves cash flow.

However, as vital as these documents are, the time and costs associated with printing and delivering them can place an undue burden on companies that are lacking staff or resources.

Using your existing business process, a quality printing and mailing service will eliminate the hassle and reduces the cost of printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing your business-critical correspondence.

When you decided to start your business, it is safe to say that you did not get into it for the printing and mailing, invoicing, or other mundane aspects. Most likely, you started your company because you are passionate about what you are selling – be it a product or a service.

invoice-printing-and-mailing-servicesPartnering with a reputable printing and mailing service allows you and your team to focus on producing what you love while leaving the necessary evils of printing and mailing to the experts. When you champion a proper invoicing schedule you not only get paid faster, you generate precise and professional communication for your customers. This results in longer lasting relationships that are profitable and rewarding.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of outsourcing your invoicing needs to a quality printing and mailing service:


Are you handling your invoicing in-house? How long does it take? It is a certainty that it is taking you far longer than it would with a printing and mailing service.

Consider the fact that you are having to create a template, upload your data, print it, fold the invoice, stuff it in an envelope, add a return envelope, seal it, add postage, and then drive it to the post office. That is a heck of a process that eats up a lot of time that you’d most likely prefer to spend elsewhere. Your employees do it? How many customers do you have that require this process? What is the total cost spent to keep up this work? If you’re the one doing it, how valuable is your time? If you haven’t considered the answers to these questions, you’re already behind your competitors.

Time is a commodity, for sure. There is a reason “time is money” is a part of the business vernacular. When you outsource this important process, you can rest assured that it will get done at a speed that is a fraction of what you would have to invest.

Most print and mail services follow a simple set-up procedure. Documents can be generated on your desktop can be uploaded in just minutes. Then, they can be produced, processed, and delivered to the post office the next business day.

As a business owner, you are now free to lead your team, tend to your customers, and drive revenue.


Outsourcing your invoicing to a printing and mailing service will save you money, it’s just a matter of how much. Small to mid-size businesses can expect savings of 10-20%, while large businesses can see much more.

How is this possible? First, it is the efficiency of the process. When you consider the elements listed above, what takes an ordinary business owner hours, takes a print and mail service minutes. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery, a print and mail service is the Ferrari to your bicycle.

Where you receive the most bang for your buck, is in the savings of maintenance and supplies. If you spend $100 on a decent desktop printer, it will not be able to handle the demand that a successful company requires. This means that you will be replacing it multiple times throughout the year. If you do decide to go with one of these consumer printers, next you must consider the cost of ink. You will easily spend $20 or more for plain black in and even more should you decide to present your invoicing in color. How many pages do you think you can print on one cartridge of ink? Believe it or not, the general consensus is 220 pages. That is a pricey process.

Next, consider the cost of supplies outside of ink. Paper, envelopes, return envelopes, windowed envelopes, and postage. When you outsource your invoicing needs, you get volume discounts provided to the printing and mailing service that you just do not qualify for.

Lastly, how much time is spent providing invoices to your customers and how much does that translate into dollars? Even if you pay your employees minimum wage, you are still likely to pay more in labor alone than you are for the entire invoicing process when outsourced to a printing and mailing service.


Yet another benefit to outsourcing your invoicing process to a printing and mailing service is the reliability factor. When you are inundated with your day-to-day operations – particularly if you are having “one of those days” – it is all too easy to mistakenly move a decimal over a place, send an invoice to the wrong address, or forget to mail out an invoice all together!

The beauty of utilizing a printing and mailing service is that you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly uploads via the internet, input data in a template, and the printing and mailing service takes care of the rest. This way, you and your employees, do not have to worry about correcting any mistakes or sifting through months of data to find out exactly why your customers are not receiving invoices and why you are not receiving valuable income.

Besides the convenience of a simple upload and the peace of mind knowing that a quality printing and mailing service will properly handle your valuable correspondence, there is an additional level of reliability in the terms of security. Your data will be respected and kept safe, as will the information of your valuable clients.

Simple, Yet Flexible

Outsourcing your invoicing to an outside vendor is obviously a trust issue. You can rest easier knowing that these companies would not be in business if they did not respect your privacy and the privacy of your customers. It is far more profitable for a printing and mailing service to retain clients that actually utilize the printing and mailing aspect of their business than it is to sell information for pennies on the dollar.

The simple process of uploading your info any time of day and anywhere in the world is also quite flexible. You are not bound by particular templates or by what can be printed. Anything can be printed, and you are only bound by your budget, imagination, and/or the constraints of your business.

Even though just about anything can be uploaded, printed, and mailed, the primary focus of any business is accounts receivable. This cannot be properly maintained without the appropriate accounts payable process.

This is why so many business owners trust this process to a professional printing and mailing service. Security, simplicity, and flexibility reign supreme when it comes to uploading, printing, mailing, and then getting paid.

Towne Mailer

For nearly twenty years, the team at Towne Mailer has been dedicated to offering the best professional printing and mailing services to clients across the country.

When it comes to getting you paid, we are here for you. We believe in a simple, reliable process that is customer-centric and focuses on speed and efficiency to get you paid faster and on a consistent basis.

Our process is simple. We focus on excellence, proficiency, and most importantly, customer care. Good business begins and ends with good communication. We understand the importance of clear, fast, and economical correspondence with your customers and hold true to those principles at all times.

By taking the guesswork and monotony out of your workday, you can focus on doing what you love and what has made you successful in the first place. Towne Mailer’s success is through printing and mailing. That is our expertise and we can confidently say that we deliver on our promises – just as much, if not more, than our competition.

As small business owners ourselves, we take pride in the fact that we are helping to support additional independent business owners, not only chase their dreams but actually achieve them. We believe that you should not be spending your days making phone calls and sending emails to remind your customers when their bills are due or sorting through pages of data just to find out that you forgot to send out an invoice.

On top of that, we do not believe that you should take away from your process in order to print, sort, and stuff envelopes with invoices. You’ve earned the right to pass that process on to someone else.

Towne Mailer is happy to fill that role and is here for you with speed, security, cost savings, business growth, and customer service. We guarantee a 24 hour or less turnaround time that ensures your customers receive the quickest and most dependable invoicing possible.

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