Ambulance companies are responsible for one of the most important and complicated services in the world: transporting sick people to medical professionals who can help. Whether they are rushing someone to the emergency room in an effort to save a life, or whether they are transporting a patient from a hospital to a recovery center, the work of an ambulance company is vital, complex, and honored.

Of course, ambulance companies have many other tasks to complete besides transporting patients to and from care. After all, an ambulance company has paperwork and office work to complete just as any other business does. While sending bills and statements to clients is not quite as impressive as saving a life, it is a required job and an important job.

Towne Mailer’s Print to Mail Process

At Towne Mailer, we are proud to help ambulance companies with all of their printing and mailing service needs, from sending bills and statements to mailing letters and fliers. Our services are fast, cost-effective, and accurate – and we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time for all non-specialty jobs.

We are happy to help:

  • Ambulance companies.
  • Ground ambulance services.
  • Air ambulance services and med flight businesses.
  • Emergency services
  • Inter-facility ambulance services.
  • Special event ambulance services.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing 

It’s a misconception that outsourcing your bill, invoice, and statement printing and mailing will be an added expense for your business. In reality, though, our customers save money by allowing us to print and mail their bills, invoices, and statements. How is that possible? Very simply, our specialized services save you money on mailing supplies, man-hours, and postage. Because we use high-speed printers, mail processing technology, mail sorting technology, and bulk supply purchasing, we can mail a letter, bill, invoice or statement for significantly less than you can – and we share the savings!

In addition to saving money, outsourcing your mail services will also save you time and effort. We have streamlined our system so that your employees can easily upload your data to our secure server in a few moments and then move on to other important tasks.

Finally, Towne Mailer makes certain that your letters, bills, invoices and statements are processed accurately and mailed quickly. Our quality assurance processes and detailed reports ensure that your clients receive the right information as quickly as possible.

Get A Free Quote From Towne Mailer

Setting up the monthly printing and mailing of your letters, invoices, bills, and statements is extremely easy: it all starts with a call to our team to request a free quote. Find out how much your company can save, down to the cent, by calling us at (877) 882-6245 or by completing our Contact Us form.