As technology and mobile devices continue to become more central to our lives, a number of companies have made the decision to stop the production of their hardcopy newsletters. Is this a smart business decision or a marketing misstep? While some businesses may profit from dropping their hardcopy newsletter, it might not be the best choice for others.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of mailing a hardcopy newsletter: 

  • Not everyone is online – and probably not all of your potential clients are online. Companies all too often forget about the importance of offline marketing. Although millions of Americans are now glued to their mobile phones and tablets, a significant minority still doesn’t spend a lot of time online – especially seniors. The people who aren’t online aren’t getting any of your marketing materials (or the marketing materials of your competitors). A hardcopy newsletter is a great way of reaching this population.
  • Digital emails often go straight into junk folders. Yep, you spend a lot of time and money getting your digital newsletter looking great, but much of the time it isn’t even opened by readers. Instead it ends up in spam folders and junk folders, never to be looked upon by the eyes of a human. At least with hardcopy newsletters, you know your customer will see it and touch it even if they don’t sit down to read it front to back.

  • Everyone likes getting real mail. Even if they don’t go directly into a junk folder or spam folder, your digital newsletters may get lost in a sea of other online offers and marketing efforts. On the other hand, as hardcopy mail volumes decrease, your mailed newsletter may be much easier to notice and much more welcomed.
  • Newsletters remind people of your business, products, and services. Even if your customer or potential client doesn’t open your hardcopy newsletter, they will see your logo, read your name, and be reminded of your business. They’ll also get the impression that you are busy, looking for new business, and enthusiastic. Not only are your newsletter subscribers more likely to call you when they need your services again, they are also more likely to refer you to friends and family.
  • You can easily insert a newsletter into your monthly statement or invoice. Don’t want to spend money on a stamp to send your newsletter to your mailing list? Consider that many companies are now inserting a short newsletter into their monthly invoices and statements. Not only does this save money on envelopes and postage, it also increases the chances that your customers will read the newsletter.

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