Businesses outsource different business functions for multiple reasons. Be it convenience, flexibility, cost reduction, or the need to stay technologically relevant, outsourcing certain aspects of business make a lot of sense. One of these aspects is the outsourcing of statement printing and mailing in order to help streamline operations.

There is no need to compromise quality or savings when you are looking to outsource statement processing and printing. When you partner with the appropriate printing and mailing service, you are taking the necessary steps to improve your customer relations, time management, and your bottom line.

While cost savings are certainly an important benefit to outsourcing statement printing and mailing, it should not be your only reason for doing it. As a business owner, you recognize value when you see it. When you outsource your statement printing and mailing, you are ensuring that your customers are receiving their statements and other correspondence as quickly and accurately as possible. This means that you are saving time and money when it comes to the reduction of manpower, payroll expenses, materials and redundancies.

As an added bonus, technology upgrades are always a major component of outsourcing your statement preparation when partnering with a printing and mailing service. As the client, you do not have to worry about maintaining equipment or having to supply the never-ending supply of consumables that take the form of ink, postage, paper, and so forth.

Outsourcing your statement preparation provides smooth statement printing and mailing services that you can scale up or down without the inherent obstacles of typical in-house operations.


Reduce Errors

Like all transactional correspondence, statement printing is held to the highest of standards when dealing with the importance of accuracy. Should your statements be inaccurate, a host of problems could occur. Not only could the bank accounts of your customers be jeopardized, but your reputation could quickly dissolve. The last thing you would want would be for your integrity to be questioned.

When working with a printing and mailing service, your statement outsourcing will have a higher degree of accuracy and less likely to contain errors. A printing and mailing service makes their living on handling high volumes of highly sensitive information. They have particular standards in place that ensure your statements are processed, printed, and mailed without fail.

Whether it is maintaining proper address records, taking care to protect valuable customer information, adhering to a strict schedule, and more, trusting a printing and mailing service to process your statements is a smart move.


Maintain Control With Professional Statements

By now, you’ve already recognized that printing and mailing all of your statements in-house can be a bit crazy. It is a monotonous process that is easily dismissed as an important aspect of the business. This means that employees are often removed from the more “pressing” task of generating revenue and handling customer relations to the job of printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, mailing, and all that comes along with it. Because of this perspective, much of this work is done hastily and results in mistakes. This out of control approach can, over time, result in lower morale in the workplace and even affect the valuable aspects of a successful business such as employee and customer retention. A common misconception is that handling statement processing, printing, and mailing in-house saves you money but research suggests that letting the pros handle the work delivers results that are efficient, economical, and controllable.

The print and mail service offers its customers many tools to ensure that the job is being done correctly. Many provide interactive customer portals which allow you to view job proofing, delivery tracking, and other features. This gives you the awareness to help maintain control over the details and provide your clients with a quick turnaround time when it comes to requesting or approving changes. The right statement outsourcing service offers a customer service infrastructure that will provide peace of mind and more control over the process than if you were to manage your customer statements in-house. This frees up core resources that you can put to better use – like acquiring and retaining customers, employee development, and increase your profit margins.


Save Time And Money

The right printing and mailing service, such as Towne Mailer, will have the expertise and passion required for printing and mailing statements for a business such as yours. The competence and consideration of specific aspects of your business free up you and your team members to concentrate on the daily operations that keep the lights on. The worth of outsourcing statement mailings is a wise business decision.

Time is money and saving time means you are saving money. A professional printing and mailing service who handles your statements will translate into fewer missed mistakes and more revenue.


Increase Communication

The most effective way to streamline operations in your business is to improve communication – outsourcing your statement processing is exactly that. A statement is simply a paper form of communication. It contains valuable information – much that is time-sensitive – and offers a better understanding for you and your customers alike. This results in less miscommunication and far more harmony between you, your employees, and your customers. Professional statements provide the means to understand what is expected between you and your client.

For many of us who try to do our own communicating within the walls of our small business, we find that we often lack the clarity needed to convey an image of professionalism and efficiency. For example, it is easy to choose the wrong language. This can come in the form of incorrect verbiage, too many words, or too few words. The end result is a muddy document that provides nothing but confusion for the recipient. A printing and mailing service, on the other hand, has the tools and experience needed to offer clear and concise language that gets to the point and proactively ends misunderstandings. This increase in communication pays for itself in the form of fewer customer conversations because the end result is a document that is clearly defined and erases all doubt.


Be Fast And Follow-up

Timing is often the Achilles hill for many of us – no matter the situation. But when it comes to good business, it is especially important. It is unfair to hold your customers to a double standard. This means that if you are late at getting out timely communication, you certainly cannot expect them to get in timely payments. You are busy and your daily operations take up so much of your attention. When you outsource your statement printing and mailing to the pros, you can rest easy knowing that the communication aspect of your business is taken care of. Streamlining operations begins and ends with communication.

Now that you have your initial communication in place, what about follow-up? Too many of us have a “one in done” mentality that is just not enough. When dealing with a printing and mailing service who processes your statements, you can set timelines, send out reminders, and put in place additional safeguards to ensure your communication is received and responsive.


Towne Mailer

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to streamlining your operational duties, communication is the primary driver to success in that arena. By being proactive, you are eradicating the need for additional conversations. This eats valuable time and manpower that, essentially, is money wasted. When you provide clear and concise statements to your client base, you are increasing your communication process and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operational process. A popular phrase in business is “inspect what you expect.” When you outsource your statement process to a professional printing and mailing service, you are able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and see exactly what it is they see. This will give you the opportunity to improve upon your communication processes. What you expect is laid out clearly and plainly for all to recognize. A printing and mailing service should be the defining factor in your communication process.

Whatever your statement needs or desires may be, Towne Mailer can accommodate them. With vast experience processing data from virtually every combination of core processing and imaging platform, we can accept a wide variety of data formats. Our goal is the same as yours – to provide excellent customer service by producing quality statements in a timely and cost-effective manner. Entrusting us with all of the statement printing services you’re looking for and you and your clients will be able to communicate more effectively.

Towne Mailer encourages the chance to help you communicate with your customers. With nearly two decades of experience processing statements in all industries, we are the expert you need. We will strive to increase communication and help your business be the best it can be.

Our process is straightforward and to the point. We concentrate on quality, efficiency, customer service. We understand what good business looks like and look forward to showing you what we can do.

Reach out today for a no-obligation opportunity to find out how statement printing and mailing can help you and your business!

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