There are lots and lots of great reasons to outsource your statement printing and mailing jobs, the two biggest of which are saving time and saving money. But there are lots of little reasons to consider a print and mail outsource provider like Towne Mailer, too. One benefit that we haven’t discussed in-depth on our blog so far, and one that some companies overlook, is improving your record keeping.

When we speak to many businesses that are doing their own in-house statement and invoice printing and mailing, we find that it is a task that is often done whenever there is time, without a set process. Even when there is a set process and timeframe, in-house teams rarely have the time or skill sets to create reports regarding what they have done or to record the basic information about the mailing. This lack of reports and records make it difficult to prevent mistakes, catch mistakes if they do happen, or understand why mistakes happen in general.

The Benefits of Reports and Record-Keeping 

At Towne Mailer, we believe that reports and record-keeping are one of our best secrets to keeping our clients (and our clients’ clients) knowledgeable, efficient, organized, and happy. All of our clients receive three reports along with each of their jobs: an itemized submission report, a submission detail report, and a bad address report. These three reports are vital to quality assurance and record keeping. Why else are they a good idea? 

  • Prevent (or catch) mistakes. The first two reports we issue give an overview of the job. They can be easily reviewed in order to ensure accuracy and prevent timely, costly mistakes. The third report is vital in understanding when you have a bad address and why a customer does not receive their statement or letter.
  • Stay organized. If you have a question about what exactly was sent and when, your reports reach back in time and paint a clear picture of what took place. Records can also help you keep track of how much mail you are sending out over time.
  • Save time. Records can save you time both when they prevent mistakes and when you are trying to right wrongs. Yes, creating records takes a small amount of time and effort, but it saves these resources in the long-term.
  • Save money. Any step that saves you time also saves your money. Having reports and records means a more successful year for your business.
  • Get peace of mind. What price would you pay to not have to worry about whether or not your customers are getting their letters, statements, and invoices that are accurate and timely? Your reports mean that you can simply glance at new documents and know that everything is running smoothly.

Ready to Farm Out Your Statement and Invoice Processing?

At Towne Mailer, we absolutely understand the importance of reports and record-keeping–and we do everything for you. If you are curious if your business could benefit from outsourcing their statement, invoice and letter printing and mailing, or if you are thinking of switching your outsource provider, call us today or request a free quote.

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