Outsource Your Dry Cleaning Statement Processing & Save Your Small Business Money

From small family-run businesses to large regional franchises, all dry cleaning companies strive to provide their customers with stellar service from start to finish.

At Towne Mailer, we understand that dry cleaning businesses are primarily focused on cleaning and delivering their customers’ dry cleaning in an efficient and timely manner –and that printing, processing, and mailing statements, letters, and fliers is often just a complicating factor of business.

For this reason, we offer a variety of mail processing solutions to dry cleaning businesses. These solutions are designed to save you time and money, all while allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

We can help you design, print, sort, and mail the following documents:

  • Dry cleaning statements and invoices.
  • Laundry service statements and invoices.
  • Dry cleaning service announcements.
  • Dry cleaning newsletters.
  • Dry cleaning promotional fliers.
  • Dry cleaning coupons.

“Absolutely the number one benefit is saving time. If I didn’t use them, I would have to print all of the statements myself, fold them, stick them into an envelope, and deal with the postage. It makes a huge difference to us.”

– Larry Shifman, Owner, Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Do What You Do Best, Outsource the Rest!

We understand that you specialize in dry cleaning, laundry services, and dry cleaning delivery. We specialize in billing statements and mail processing. Let us do the task that we do best, for you, at a fraction of the cost.

Towne Mailer assists dry cleaning businesses and laundry services of all sizes with their billing statement mailings and bulk mail needs, including:

  • Family dry cleaning businesses.
  • Dry cleaning and tailoring businesses.
  • Full-service laundry businesses.
  • Dry cleaning franchises.
  • Dry cleaning delivery services.
  • Green dry cleaners.
  • Retail dry cleaners.
  • Commercial dry cleaners.
  • Textile and specialty cleaners.

Whether you are mailing 300 statements a month or 30,000, we can help you with your needs. We serve dry cleaning companies across the country with their mail processing, and every one of our clients saves time and money by partnering with us.

Three Benefits of Partnering with Towne Mailer To Mail Your Dry Cleaning Statements Each Month

1. Simplify your business.
2. Save money.
3. Save time.

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Find out how much you can save on your dry cleaning statement processing – and on the rest of your customer mailings today. Our team will walk you through our process from start to finish, all during a no-obligation trial.

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