A Small Business with a Big Task

We recently reached out to a number of our clients and asked them to tell their Towne Mailer story – from why they initially needed help with their mail processing to how our services have helped them improve and grow their own businesses.

We spoke with Larry Shifman, the owner and operator of a California dry cleaning delivery service.

The Client: Dry Cleaning Delivery Service, Los Gatos, California

The Service They Needed: 300 monthly invoices printed, processed, and mailed.

The Problem: Shifman runs a small business that doesn’t have many employees. When it came to mailing invoices to his hundreds of clients, he didn’t have great options: He could print out and mail all the invoices himself – or force his kids to help the family business and face a household of rebellion!

The Solution:

For the past ten years, Larry Shifman has run a successful dry cleaning delivery business in the San Jose area. But he was too busy with the many other aspects of his job to waste time every month printing 300 invoices, folding them, and mailing them to customers. Like many small business owners across the country, he had too many hats to wear – and didn’t particularly like the hat that either involved licking hundreds of envelopes or forcing his kids to help with another of Dad’s small business tasks.

Hoping that outsourcing would be a good solution, Shifman used one printing and processing company he found online before reaching out to Towne Mailer when he changed his company’s software.

“Towne Mailer was just great to deal with. Very responsive,” he said. “It was a positive, pleasant experience the whole way long.”

Shifman was especially impressed at how easy it was to set up the process.

“The initial start-up took a little time: getting our data to them in a format that they were going to be able to use, and going back and forth to approve the final product,” he explained. “But they were so responsive throughout the setup. They worked directly with my technical guy and knew exactly what we were looking for. And now the process is super simple. We upload our stuff and it shows up at our customer’s houses just a few days later.”

Shifman turned an hours-long process – and an undesirable task – into a simple, one-step monthly upload.

“The relationship that we have with them is exactly what we want. They take the time to make it work, and now it takes me literally five minutes a month to use their services. It is seamless, and they are super responsive.”

What is the biggest benefit that Shifman gets from Towne Mailer?

“Absolutely the number one benefit is saving time. If I didn’t use them, I would have to print all of the statements myself, fold them, stick them into an envelope, and deal with the postage. It makes a huge difference to us.”

Would Shifman recommend Towne Mailer to other small business owners?

“Absolutely! Without a question! Now invoicing is simple, and that’s exactly the way we need it to be.”

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