Changing Jobs, But Keeping Towne Mailer On Board

We recently reached out to a number of our clients and asked them to tell their Towne Mailer story – from why they initially needed help with their mail processing to how our services have helped them improve and grow their own businesses.

This week, we spoke with Eva Samtmann, Practice Administrator at Sound Urological Associates. Over the years, Samtmann has contacted Towne Mailer for medical statement help each time she has moved medical practices.

The Client: Sound Urological Associates in Edmonds, Washington

The Service They Needed:
Printing, processing, and mailing about 400 monthly medical statements.

The Problem:
Samtmann sought a reliable, responsive business to help her medical practices print, process, and mail their patient statements.

The Solution:

Once Eva Samtmann found a printing and mailing service that fit her employer’s needs, she didn’t want to let it go, even as she changed jobs several times over the past decade. Since she began using Towne Mailer to outsource her company’s medical statement needs in 2003, she has called our business consistently each time she moved employers to re-start service. Even when a new employer already had a medical statement outsourcing company in place when she arrived, Samtmann has found that Towne Mailer’s services can’t be matched.

Currently, she uses Towne Mailer’s services to print, process, and mail about 400 medical statements per month.

Why does she keep returning to Towne Mailer? Samtmann explained that Towne Mailer’s job reports, customer service, and pricing beat out the competition.

“They are efficient. They research addresses like many other similar companies don’t,” she explained. “The patients are more responsive to their statements and they have excellent customer service. In addition, their services more than fits into my budget because it is very reasonable.”

Would Samtmann recommend Towne Mailer to other health care facility administrators?

“I’ve already taken them to three different medical practices,” she said. “I recommend them every time someone asks!”