The 16 Benefits Of Contracting Out Your Print-Mail Processing

Outsourcing Printing & MailingMaking the change to outsource print and mail services might sound like a big undertaking. But in truth, while it is somewhat of a transition, it can have huge and lasting benefits for your business, from your bottom line to your employee happiness to your customer satisfaction. While many companies know that stopping in-house billing and invoice printing & mailing can save their business time and money, they might not know about the many other advantages of outsourcing their print and mail services.

The Main Benefits

Without further ado, here are sixteen different ways that outsourcing your printing & mailing services can significantly improve your business.

You Save Time

How much better could your business be if you had more time? What about if your employees also had more time–as well as fewer tasks on their plates? One of our very biggest benefits is that we get a big, bulky task done for you so you simply don’t have to. The only thing you have to do is upload your invoice and billing job information onto our secure server, which only takes a few minutes.

You Save Money

It can be hard to believe that at the same time that you’re saving time, you’re also saving money. But the fact is that because we specialize in printing & mailing letters, invoices, and bills, we can do it faster than you can, and also for less. You can save pennies for each letter you mail through us, and those pennies add up very quickly.

We’re National

It doesn’t matter where you are located in the country, we can work with you to outsource your print and mail processing needs, from start to finish. And don’t worry that your customers will have to wait longer for letters, invoices, and bills if they are located across the country–our quick turnaround time and speedy services means that they will receive letters in an extremely efficient manner.

We’re Safe & Secure

We take both online/cybersecurity as well as on-location physical security very seriously. Your customer’s invoice and bill data is under the protection of encryption, secure servers, and firewalls, while your letters and statements are kept in a well-secured warehouse until the moment they are mailed.

You Get Paid Faster

Because of our speed and fast turnaround times on our mail and print services, your customers receive their statements, invoices, and bills faster. And because we can help you design your invoices to be extremely clear and easy-to-understand, they will have fewer questions about what they owe. The outcome? They pay their bills and invoices faster.

You Improve Your Record Keeping

We provide all of our clients with thorough and clear job reports, making it easy for you to keep accurate and organized records about your mail jobs, billing practices, and bad addresses. This can help you streamline your practices, help with your customer service, and increase efficiency.

You Save On Customer Service

With our clearly designed invoices and fast mail processing, your customers will have fewer questions about their bills and less confusion about how to pay them. Also, with our quality assurance system, customers will deal with fewer mistakes related to their bill, including not receiving their bill. This frees up your customer service representatives.

You Save Office & Warehouse Space

Don’t continue to waste space on huge bulky printers, sorters, and mail processing machinery. Also don’t waste space of boxes of office supplies like paper, envelopes, and ink. We have a huge warehouse where we keep plenty of supplies, freeing up your office space for more specialized tasks. Using our mail and print services means having more room for your business to grow, while allowing your customers to receive their bills and invoices quickly and consistently.

You Help Your Employees

Your employees will love having a task taken off their plate–especially one that does not have to do with their training and expertise. They will also love to focus more on projects that will grown and expand your business instead of projects and services that can seem mundane or repetitive.

You Streamline & Specialize Your Business

Giving us permission to focus on your printing, processing, and mailing needs means freeing up your headquarters to focus on the actual goods and/or services that you provide. We are experts at printing and mailing bills and statements; you are experts at what YOU do.

You Get Design Help

Don’t worry if you don’t know the ins and outs of bill, statement, and invoice design. We can help you design your documents so that they are clear, so that they reflect your branding, and so they are more likely to be paid quickly (and without a call to customer service).

You Improve Productivity

When your employees have fewer tasks on their plates, your business becomes more streamlined and your employees are happier. This results in higher productivity for you, which then translates into more clients/customers, more orders, and more results. All for using our mail and print services.

You Save On Machinery & Repairs

Is there anything in the world worse than when a printer stops working, or when any of your machines break? You not only lose precious time, you also have to call in a repair person and pay for whatever they have to do to fix it, including labor and parts. Forget all of these headaches by hiring us to do your print & mail processing.

You Reduce Capital Investments & Leases

Are you spending money leasing printers and other office machinery just so that you can print and mail hundreds or thousands of invoices, statements or letters each month? Use that money to instead focus on your business, from improving employee benefits to getting office upgrades, to growing your base. We will take care of all of your mail and print needs for you, through our proven services.

You Reduce Supply Spending

When we quote you a price for a mail and print job, it includes everything, from the labor to the cost of paper, ink, postage, and envelopes. Your spending on office supplies will drop when you hire Towne Mailer to send out your letters, statements, and invoices (plus all of our other services)–and you can invest that money elsewhere, such as into expansion and growth.

You Get Peace of Mind

How much time do you and your employees spend worrying about getting bills, letters, statements, and invoices out to your clients or customers? How much time do you spend worrying that a batch of letters didn’t go out on time, or that a printer is broken, or that you don’t have enough manpower to get the job done? Get rid of all of your printing and mail processing related worries simply by giving the job to us to handle and letting us provide the services that we provide best.

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