As a business with hundreds of clients, customers, or patients, one of your biggest jobs is to keep them informed. Not only of their account, but also of your business’s news, good and bad. For that reason, it’s often necessary to send out notices in addition to your regular paperwork, like bills and statements, to keep your client base up-to-date and in the know.

While email notices are convenient and economical, not all of your customers may use email–and you may not have all of your customers’ email addresses. At the same time, the most important types of notices, such as overdue notices, should be mailed in hard copy.

Fast and Economical Notice Printing and Mailing

At Towne Mailer, we specialize in printing and mailing notices, letters and statements for businesses of all sizes. This includes all types of notices, including:

  • Appointment reminders.
  • Overdue notices.
  • Change of address notices.
  • Change of business hours notices.
  • Account notices.
  • Product or service update notices.
  • Breach of security notices.
  • Jury duty notices.
  • Change of agreement notices.
  • End of subscription notices.

We can print notices that are the same for all of your customers as well as personalized notices that contain individual names or account information. We can also print notices of all sizes and in many forms, with or without return envelopes. We can even insert extra notices into your existing, regular run of monthly invoices, bills or statements.

Our Notice Printing and Mailing Process

Getting your notices printed and mailed could not be easier with Towne Mailer. Here’s our process:

  • Upload your data to our secure server–we serve clients all over the country.
  • We will examine your notice to make sure everything is okay –and even make small design improvements if necessary.
  • We print your letters and notices using our high-speed, high tech printers.
  • We insert your letters and notices into envelopes and address them to your customers, all using our mail processing machines.
  • We meter your notices and letters and deliver them to the post office.

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