There are many vital business skills needed to grow a company. Most importantly, the growth mindset necessitates strong partnerships. Successful business owners know that managing operations by total hands-on involvement can stunt development. It is best to network and establish professional relationships and delegate properly.

Bill printing and mailing is one of the many reoccurring procedures which could benefit from being outsourced to a professional print and mail processing company. Not only will your bill printing and mailing means improve, but you will also be able to capitalize on the improved efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how outsourcing your printing and mailing needs fit a growth mindset.

Improved Business Communication:

As a business grows and there are increasingly more customers or clients, many business owners struggle to communicate effectively. There is a lot involved with reoccurring print and mail. It is easy to outgrow your in-house capacity for seamless communication. But we all know how important communication is when it comes to all aspects of a business. Communication is what creates lasting brand loyalty and gets you paid.

Developing support systems, like with Towne Mailer printing and mailing services, will allow you to streamline your communication and help you establish consistent and reliable interactions with your customers and clients.

A partnership with an automated printing and mailing service allows you to increase your communication while reducing the workload put on you or your in-house team. So, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue by cutting administration costs as well as cutting production costs. Think about how much bill printing and mailing costs your administration budget. The labor costs of organizing, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, sorting, and delivering mail is far too expensive.

Your business growth truly depends on how well you delegate your printing and mailing needs so you can maintain consistent communication with your customers and clients. Added communication provides you the opportunity to define your billing terms, maintain strong customer relations, eliminate billing surprises, and increase the likelihood that customers will send payments on time.

Develop Strong Customer Relations

When business communication is strong, there is an increased opportunity to get to know the customers’ needs and wants. It’s important to fully understand who your customers are and what they need to be happy. Like all relationships, customer connections are built through trust and reciprocity.

If customers feel as if they can rely on clear, concise, and prompt communication, they are more likely to follow through with paying bills on time. If the appearance and content of your bills capture the professionalism of your company, your customers will be prompted to respond in a professional manner. That is why it is imperative for bills to be easy to read, clearly written, have an outline of payment options, and state definite deadlines. Customers should not have to search for information when wanting to pay their bills.

A partnership with a professional print and mail service, like Towne Mailer, provides your customers with consistent quality communication that exemplifies the professionalism of your company.


At the start of every billing cycle, when a bill is due, responsible customers expect to receive bills in a consistent and predictable fashion. They anticipate the arrival of their bills and plan to properly schedule their payments. They make on-time bill payments a priority.

outsource bill printing and mailingResponsible and reliable customers expect the same behaviors from businesses they patron. When bills are late or missed entirely, trust erodes, and payments lapse. Some business owners fall behind in sending out their bills, and the whole billing cycle is compromised. When bills are late, customers react by calling or emailing your office to determine where the problem lies. Responding to these inquiries creates more work and can lead to an even greater delay in the billing cycle.

An increasing number of customers and clients is, of course, good for business, but it can slow down in-house bill printing and mailing. Plus, an employee can get sick or injured. Technology can break down or errors that need to be corrected can easily be made. Your customer relations with new clients are too valuable to jeopardize because of in-house set-backs. Don’t lose your loyal customers due to late billing cycles.

When you partner with a quality automated bill printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, your bill generation, printing, sorting, and mailing processes are computerized. That means they are not subject to illness or injury. No matter what events happen in your office, bills are sent out like clockwork.

Don’t make your customers chase after you or wonder when they will receive their bills. With automated bill printing and mailing, you can remain confident that your billing cycle is dependable. This means your most conscientious customers will pay steadily and you will be paid on time every month. In turn, you will increase your monthly returns.

Eliminate The Chance Of Miscommunication

When you rely on your in-house staff to generate all of your bills, you leave your business susceptible to minor errors which require a lot of time to correct. All necessary information must be included on documents to provide clarity and readability.

With a professional automated printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, you are able to generate separate “Bill,” “Invoice” and “Statement” templates to be kept in a safe and secure database. Your contact information, client addresses, tracking numbers, and account identifiers are stored and automatically filled in and completed for every subsequent billing cycle.

Your documents are also customizable so that itemized lists of products and services are clearly stated. Other vital information, like unit prices, valid discounts, tax information, and the billed amount you expect to collect is all safely stored in a secure database.

Because all of this pertinent information is easily stored in an automated system, future bills, statements, and invoices are quickly generated error-free. When you decrease the chances of simple input errors, you increase the likelihood that your customers and clients receive clear and concise billing documents. Therefore, as your business grows, your bill printing and mailing process does not slow down, which makes it more likely for you to get paid quicker.

A printing and mailing process service, like Towne Mailer, has decades of experience in providing the type of reliable and error friend correspondences you require. This alleviates the time and money spent on correcting typos and simple errors. With an automated printing and mailing service, your up-front costs are reduced, and your account receivables will decrease as payments become more consistent. A partnership with a bill printing and mailing service is not only a smart business move, but it is also now the industry standard.

Notices and Follow-ups

These days are busy. Most people juggle multiple roles and positions. That is why notices are a part of a productive billing cycle. No one likes to be badgered, but studies show customers appreciate a timely considerate reminder for up-coming bills. It has been proven beneficial to send notifications and reminders to customers for prompt billing responses.

Follow-ups are a great way to increase your customer loyalty and longevity by improving your customer service. Customers who consistently receive follow-ups feel more cared for and appreciated. Thank you notes, confirmations, and customer appreciation cards are great tools to communicate to your customers that you value them. With a professional printing and mailing service, you can provide follow-ups without any added effort from your in-house staff.

The ultimate goal is to create a trusted and dependable relationship between your customers and your business. You need to get paid on time just as your customers need clear and thorough communication to prevent late charges and unwanted marks on their credit reports. Reciprocity is important for long term business success.

A partnership with a printing and mailing service allows you to decide what schedule works best for you and your customers. Once a plan is created, an automated system, like that at Towne Mailer, generates all invoices, bills, and statements, as well as any follow-up and reminders like clockwork. You can rest assured that all customer correspondences are mailed out on time according to the plan.

Keep Track Of Bills

One of the most difficult aspects of the billing process is tracking billing details. You don’t want one of your customers to receive account information or bills intended for a different customer. Tracking numbers and company-specific identifiers are crucial when managing payments.
As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage account information. Without a proper tracking system in place, your in-house staff can easily feel overwhelmed managing payment plans and account receivables.

An automated bill printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, eliminates the risk of account confusion. Because tracking information is automated, it is easy to identify what was sold, who paid what, and for how much. Once the initial information is uploaded into a safe and secure database, there is no additional work needed from your in-house staff.

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