Operating a successful business takes professionalism, insight, intelligent thinking, and courage. Every business owner knows that every day your reputation is at stake and that your competitors are on the lookout for new clients. You have succeeded as a business owner because you know the value of what professional image is; from the sign on your door to your website, to the invoice a client receives.

You recognize that the quality, personalization, and professionalism of your business’s statement and invoice form represents the company you are trying to be. After all, in the business world, perception is a reality.

That is why so many successful businesses, large and small, have taken it upon themselves to outsource the creation and management of printing and mailing services, including invoice and statement services. By leaving the entire invoice printing and statement processing to the pros, they’re able to focus on what matter most – growing the business.

Thinking About Outsourcing?

Making the change from in-house to outsource printing and mailing services is a big step. Many aspects need to be considered, including budgets, payroll, equipment maintenance, supplies, and so much more. Is it a smarter move to keep your billing and statement processes in-house or to consider a vendor to do this tedious task for you?

Consider the following ways that outsourcing your printing and mailing services can help your business grow:


A print and mail service, such as Towne Mailer, allows you the option of bypassing the tedious and time-consuming task of printing and mailing statements and invoices day in and day out.

It is a foregone conclusion that the employee hours needed to follow through with this are substantial, but so are the upfront and ongoing costs of equipment purchasing, maintenance, and supplies.

When you outsource these tasks, Towne Mailer utilizes its specificity in the form of efficiency and bulk buying power. Postage, paper, ink, envelopes, etc., aren’t cheap, but they cost substantially less when purchased by a company that’s business is printing and mailing.

Quality Control

Towne Mailer strives for 100% accuracy with all of our mailings and we appreciate that we represent you in the eyes of your customers.  We aim to provide the highest levels of quality and commitment to your business and do so through our thorough quality control process. At every stage of the process, from uploading, printing, folding, inserting, and mailing, we make sure the job is done right the first time!

Simple and Timely Process

Our standard jobs come with a 24-hour guarantee.  Our efficient, automated process allows for correct, complete mailings within a short timeframe.


We send you a set of reports so that you know exactly how the job went — along with any bad addresses on your list.


Because printing and mailing is our specialty, we pride ourselves on being 100% reliable when it comes to getting your correspondence out to your customers in a timely manner. We guarantee it!

Unparalleled Customer Service

You will always get a human voice on the line when you call. Not only is our success based upon your success, we recognize the sacrifices you’ve made to manage and operate your own business. We do not take that effort lightly and will always respond in kind.

Custom Invoices and Statements

Generating custom invoices and statements increases communication with your clients. Creating custom messages to your clients helps you as a business owner to send a message of constancy and confidence. We have the capacity and knowledge to put your vision on paper and into the hands of your customers.

Efficient Customer Communication

While the internet may have changed the way we communicate, print and mail services will always be the backbone of professional communication. From huge companies to local school districts, dentists, doctors, and chiropractors, your business needs dependable print and mail services that effectively communicate with your customer base. Towne Mailer uses modern processes to provide you with brilliant print and mail services on a steady basis.

Our relationship with the United States Postal Service enables us to keep our mailing process current with all postal regulations and manage this procedure from beginning to end. We presort all mail to the lowest automatable presort rate, minimize cost, and pass some of that savings to you.

How To Effectively Grow Your Business Through Print and Mail Services

Your business is your baby. We get that. Sometimes we are a little too close to it and are afraid to commit to change. That is understandable because it is human nature. Just like the old adage, “you can’t see the forest because of the trees,” you might not be able to see ways that your business can actually improve because you are too immersed in its processes. It’s time to step back and take a look with fresh eyes,

The best way to approach the situation is to distance yourself and be objective through the form of the following questions:

Do You Want To Reduce Costs?

Printing a tremendous avenue of expense for the majority of businesses and outsourcing your printing and mailing can certainly save your company money. The money you may think you are saving by printing it on your own is actually costing you a lot more than you think if your business has not factored in the cost of ink, toner, and the wear and tear on your printer, among other hidden expenses.

Let’s face it, you are not a professional print and mail service, nor did you set out to become one. As much as you want to be in charge of everything, it’s important to let the experts take over in certain aspects of your business.

Do You Want A High-Quality Product?

While easy to use, desktop or office printers are not able to meet the quality of a professional print and mail service. When considering the fierce competition that is out there, do you want to stand out in the crowd? Or do you want to look like your promotional mailings, statements, invoices, and other printed material are done from home? Image is everything – especially when it costs less than doing it yourself.

Do You Need More Print Options?

If you choose to self-print from your office, you are limited to your printer’s restrictions—standard paper sizes, margins, paper stock, and the overall look and feel. The right printing service offers premium quality products, including a range of paper stocks, colors, weights, sizes, and more!

If you’re looking to grow your business, then you will want to consider offering your customers a look and product that showcases exactly that.

Do You Want A Timely Turnaround?

You might think that printing a few hundred invoices a day doesn’t take long. And you might be right… if you have enough ink, paper, envelopes, stamps, and someone available to do it all. Dang, did the printer just jam? Well, it’s not really meant for this kind of abuse. Who knows how to fix it? Should we just buy another one?

You get the point. A professional print and mail service not only has all of the above at its disposal, it also has the capacity to turn out a professional product each and every time.

Is The Competition Outsourcing Their Printing And Mailing Services?

If your competitors are choosing to outsource their print and mail needs, then you are already at a disadvantage. The fact of the matter is that a company that only does one thing, is bound to do it better than you. Play to your strengths. You didn’t get into your business to print and mail invoices and statements, did you? Most likely, the answer is no.

A professional print and mail service has the knowledge, the equipment, the processes, and the ability to present a quality product in a timely manner. Because of their ability to deal in bulk and, coupled with their specialized and commercial equipment, they will be able to provide a better product at a better price.

Why Choose Towne Mailer?

The most important question of all, is why choose Towne Mailer as your preferred print and mail service?

Easy. For nearly twenty years, the team at Towne Mailer has been dedicated to offering the best professional printing and mailing services to clients across the country and beyond.

Our customers are our number one priority. We believe in communication first and foremost. Once we know what you need, we will utilize everything that is at our disposal to ensure that your customers receive exactly what is needed to make sure your business succeeds.

Our success is predicated on your success. Your customers come to depend on you to deliver a good or service and you have come to depend on us to do the same.

We welcome the opportunity to, not only earn your business but to keep it as well. Reach out today and let us show you how we can help grow your business!

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