Concrete Savings From Outsourcing their Monthly Statements

We recently reached out to a number of our clients and asked them to tell their Towne Mailer story – from why they initially needed help with their mail outsourcing to how our services have helped them improve and grow their own businesses.

We spoke with Rick Matter, an information technologies professional at Time Investment Company.

The Client:
Time Investment Company, West Bend, Wisconsin

The Service They Needed:
12,00 monthly statements, in English and Spanish

The Problem:
Time Investment Company, a Wisconsin-based direct sales finance company, was spending far too much money mailing off monthly statements to customers. Could outsourcing be the answer to their costly problem?

The Solution:
Time Investment Company wanted to make certain that the finance company was saving as much money as possible when finding a solution for their monthly statement processing and mailing tasks. Company employee Rick Matter was ready to do the math: he researched printing and mailing companies from around the country, conducted a comparative analysis, and found the best fit and the best deal around: Towne Mailer.

He then calculated how much it would cost his company to print, mail and process a letter and compared it to how much Towne Mailer charged. He was surprised to find that Towne Mailer could send every single letter for 20 cents less per mailing than they could in-house. When he calculated how much his company could save on their 12,000 monthly statements, the savings were too large to ignore. Towne Mailer was hired.

Matter soon found that the benefits of hiring Towne Mailer did not end with saving money: “It is very convenient and it saves internal labor,” he explained. “In addition, the customer service is outstanding. They are very responsive. If we have a change request, or if something isn’t working properly, they implement a change, sometimes within a couple of minutes.”

Matter also found that Towne Mailer didn’t balk at the challenge of sending invoices in both English and Spanish – not only were they willing to create and develop a new system to deal with statements in two languages, they welcomed the challenge.

In addition, Towne Mailer recently helped Time Investment Company update their statements and improve their logo.

“The logo and release went very smoothly. Even though we changed our data feed around, they were more readily able to understand the changes because they were already familiar with working with us and what we wanted to do,” Matter explained. “The entire release took place without any mistakes or errors.”

Would Matter recommend Towne Mailer to other businesses looking to save money on statement printing and mailing?

“I would absolutely recommend them. They are doing a great job. They have been phenomenal.”