Everyone can agree that for any business, sending and receiving payment for bills can be a huge part of the business’ success. Certainly, time is money, and money is the lifeblood for ensuring the proper running and longevity of businesses both large and small. One of the biggest failures a business can suffer from is incorrect billing, untimely billing, and late payments due to failures in business billing processes.

In the academic world, strategic business and entrepreneurship professors and courses stress the importance of regular and prompt business bill printing and mailing. Entire careers are made for those studying to keep abreast of changes in technology, the climate of customer needs, and ever-changing metrics for businesses that deal with client bills for printing and mailing. When communication with your customers is of more importance than ever, bill printing and mailing can be a very significant way to bring in money and successfully raise confidence in your business practices.

While some have theorized that current trends are moving towards all electronic statements, billing, and emailing over print media, recent surveys show that over 90% of people still prefer printed media above all other electronic styles of communication. There is no doubt that printing and mailing bills is of paramount importance in the operation of any business. Knowing how to handle, process, print and mail proper and reliable bills to your clients can, therefore, be a full-time job for more than one person in your office.

Just think about your current sales team or staff. Perhaps there is more than one group that regularly processes the bills, the printing, and the mailing of correspondence for your clients monthly. When you handle your bill organization, printing, and mailing in house, you can quantify how much time it takes for one or more staff members to accomplish. It can be quite costly in both time and money to handle your bill printing and mailing yourself.

In a 40-hour workweek, perhaps you have at least one staff member that spends at least one week per month handling bill printing and mailing. Let’s say you have 5,000 client bills to update accounts for, handle bill printing and mailing, and send bills to every month. If each bill takes at least 3-5 minutes to handle, you can just add up the time to know that one staff member will spend almost a week of work trying to handle all the bills to be printed and mailed. And if time is money, you are spending a lot of money having a dedicated staff member to handle your in-house bill printing and mailing when they could be helping your business grow.

Now let’s look at all the costs of the equipment and space you need to handle your bill printing and mailing. There are so many startup costs involved at the on-set of doing bill printing and mailing. There are expensive printers, ink, and toner and other equipment to purchase. There are computer systems, programs, software updates, and training for all those specialized pieces of equipment. Then there is the maintenance of all of the gear, which also takes time and money. There are also myriad paper and envelope stock to be purchased, inventoried, and stored. Not only do you need all the equipment and stock, but you also need lots of storage space to house it all, which cuts into valuable square footage in your office, shop, or warehouse.

Surely there must be a better way to handle your bill printing and mailing. You can quantify all the employee hours, all the output of money for equipment and mailing stock, and square footage easily to determine that there has got to be an easier way to reliably print and mail bills to your clients. When you partner with a third party bill printing and mailing service such as Towne Mailer, we can show you a better way to handle your bill printing and mailing practices to better serve your business and your clients alike.

Bill Printing and Mailing Made Easy

Outsourcing with a third party bill printing and mailing company such as Towne Mailer could be the answer for you. By eliminating the need to handle your bill printing and mailing in-house, you can effectively let go of the headaches involved in the entire operation. You would be able to hand over a huge part of your mundane weekly or monthly job tasks to a professional company that specializes in excellent bill printing and mailing and free up valuable time, resources, and money in one swoop. Let’s look at some of the ways a company like Towne Mailer can help save you time and money.

Outsourcing is considered to be the wave of the future. Instead of trying to become an expert at everything you do, when you outsource certain aspects of your business to a reputable third party, you can refocus your business back to the core competencies that help your business to succeed. If you manufacture, sell, or produce anything, your time can be spent on improving the technology of your products or services, instead of upgrading expensive printing equipment. No one enjoys dull or monotonous daily chores. Instead of chaining your staff members to a desk to handle bill printing and mailing, your staff can be trained on how to innovate, expand, and maximize your sales. They can stop frittering away time and energy on drudgery such a bill printing and mailing when you outsource.

invoice printingWhen your staff is therefore challenged by the betterment of your products and services, they are more enthusiastic during the day. Drudgery and mundane tasks are soul-sucking activities. No one wants to live a life working on a computer generating bills, printing, and stuffing envelopes. Your staff members want to engage, produce, and grow your business in the fields of their chosen devotions, not be reduced to pencil-pushing and envelope stuffing. Removing your bill printing and mailing from your office will raise morale and energize your employees so that they can rise to the challenges your business faces every day.

Let’s face it. Your printing equipment could never compare to that of a professional printing and mailing company. No matter how much money you spend on the start-up gear to handle your printing in-house, it will be outdated within a year or two, needing maintenance, have broken parts or worn out pieces, and will need constant attention. Imagine the costs in both time and money when your business suffers from the downtime of broken printing and mailing equipment.

When you outsource your bill printing and mailing, you will consistently produce more professionally printed materials. Your clients immediately see the difference in higher print quality, improved timeliness, and greater reliability. That translates to greater confidence in your business, which increases profitability. For a very reasonable rate working with a professional bill printing and mailing third party specialist, your business sees increased profits in the way of decreased busywork, decreased dedicated employee work hours, decreased expenses in printing and mailing equipment, and increased employee morale. There is indeed a better way when you outsource your bill printing and with Towne Mailer.

Who is Towne Mailer?

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated bill printing and mailing services located in Missoula, MT. Serving businesses all over the United States, our 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art printing and mailing facility houses the latest technological equipment. Since printing and mailing is such a competitive business, we at Towne Mailer focus on core strength such as courteous customer service, highly trained staff and printers, and timely bill printing and mailing.

Over the last twenty years, Towne Mailer has grown from the small Missoula office serving local clients, to having 100s of clients around the country. Our customer businesses range from small, locally-owned shops to large companies and corporations all around the world. Each client is treated similarly with respect and responsiveness no matter what the size of the business or printing order.

When you contact Towne Mailer to handle all your bill printing and mailing, we will first have a conversation with you to determine the size and scope of your bill printing and mailing needs. When you have chosen us to print and mail your client bills to be sent, we will ask you to upload a test document to our server. After we have formatted it and prepared it for print, we will send you the proof to review. Once you have approved it, we will send the bills to your clients within twenty-four hours. Your customers will receive your perfectly designed and printed bills in a timely manner every time.

In such a competitive business environment of the modern world, choosing the right printing and mailing service can mean all the difference for you and your clients. We are certain you will be thrilled with our services at Towne Mailer, so call today for a no-obligation quote for your next bill printing and mailing service. We guarantee our services, so you can rely on Towne Mailer to provide excellent bill printing and mailing.

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