Proper invoicing is one of the biggest keys to success in any business. And it is a well-known fact that one of the most common causes of failure of any business is caused by under capitalization and poor cash flow. It’s no wonder that invoicing plays a significant role in helping any business from start up to growth periods to manage and increase that cash flow. Timely and proper invoicing can help a business to improve client relations, manage debt, and to streamline income. This one key aspect of business management is literally the lifeblood that keeps business flowing and flourishing.

Any given business spends days or even a week every month generating invoices to send to customers. Well organized, timely, complete invoices arriving in your clients’ mailboxes can mean the difference between being paid on time or having late payments being received monthly. Proper invoices help to inspire client trust in your business’s reliability and therefore become building blocks for successful relationships for the life of your business. It’s no wonder why entire finance and strategic management courses at universities and training courses worldwide focus so much on this one aspect of business learning for anyone starting or managing a business.

And if invoicing is so vital to contributing to a business’s success, outsourcing that invoicing is other side of the coin that helps maximize cash management of your business. In today’s complex and competitive world, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource invoice printing and mailing services with like-minded partners such as Towne Mailer. Let’s look at some of the ways your business can benefit from outsourcing that invoicing!

The High Cost Of In-House Invoicing

As we have stated, cash flow is of vital importance to the success of your business. When you send out invoices to your clients, they expect them to be correct, up-to-date, on time, and well organized. From tax invoices to medical bills, important documents need to be scheduled and managed properly. The more complicated your business, the more difficult it can be to ensure that invoices are managed well. You may have more than one person handling invoicing right now from your small office. In some cases, entire departments must handle invoicing for large corporations. Invoicing can constitute a large percentage of your employee work hours.
Along with managing the client data, invoicing involves the storing, generation, preparation, formatting, printing, and mailing of those important documents. It is an incredibly resource absorbing aspect of any business. So much time and money are spent on preparing, printing and mailing invoices. Here are just some of the things that go into invoice management.

Just think about all the things you need to properly manage invoicing. From the employees and the databases to the printing equipment and supplies, you exert an immense effort on the system to handle your invoicing. The equipment you need to create and mail quality invoices includes top-notch printers, ink cartridges and toner, myriad styles of paper from letterhead to card stock, several kinds of envelopes, and stamps or postage machines.

Just like buying in bulk at a big box store, you get discounts by buying large quantities of paper and printing goods. That means, not only do you have to put out a large amount of cash to stock all the equipment and supplies you need, you also have to store them, which means more square footage of your storefront or business goes to housing all these supplies. The resulting loss of square footage equals less money in your pocket. Taking inventory and managing the database of your supplies also takes time. The entire affair is fraught with hidden expenses.

Another hidden cost with in-house invoice printing and mailing is the effect on employee morale. Let’s face it. Invoice printing and mailing is boring work. Employees want to be challenged, be useful, and grow in their positions. Instead, they spend most of their day or week on menial tasks. No one wants to do boring work. Why should your employees be reduced to envelope stuffers? Why wouldn’t you want to relieve their burdens by outsourcing your invoice printing and mailing to a third-party specialist such as Towne Mailer?

Here are just a few things that an employee must manage in order to handle invoice printing and mailing in house. Looking through catalogs and placing orders online or by phone is the first priority. A typical employee must first order all the supplies for the work itself. Then, they must keep an up-to-date inventory, clean and maintain the storeroom regularly, and constantly be on top of all the myriad supplies needed. There are printers to stock with paper and ink, not to mention the maintenance involved in caring for these expensive machines. Paper jams, breakages, or slow printing also places a strain on the flow of the process.

Then there’s the mind-numbing work itself: Generating the invoices, printing each one, folding them by hand or machine, stuffing them into envelopes, sealing them, stamping them, and mailing them. It’s tedious and relatively unrewarding except to the bottom line, which can be hard to quantify and even harder for an hourly wage employee to value. All this drudgery results in a bored staff. And that results in high turnover and low motivation.

Your staff members want to create, innovate, grow your business using their talents and wish to be relied upon to invigorate your business with their creativity and verve. Instead, they push buttons, load printer cartridges, stock paper, and get paper cuts on their fingers. You and your employees deserve more. And by partnering with Towne Mailer for all your invoice printing and mailing, you will get it: the savings of time and money, the space for creativity, and the relief from the burden of monotonous side work.

Partnering With Towne Mailer

When you partner with Towne Mailer for your invoice printing and mailing, you can consider us an exceptional asset for you and your business. Because we make it our business to keep your business invoicing, printing and mailing on track, you’ll never have to worry about late invoices again. Take the stress off of yourself and you’ll find hours upon hours of time in your business to focus on what you love the most, rather than spending weeks every year just managing this resource-laden aspect.

We at Towne Mailer have made it our life’s work to be the best in the business at printing and mailing. We can be relied upon to not only be your source for your outsourced printing and mailing service, we can be looked to as a partner to help you serve your clients more effectively. Let Towne Mailer provide you with the best, most professional invoice printing and mailing service and you’ll notice savings across the board right away. Imagine how much money and time you will save by outsourcing your professional invoice printing and mailing. And the boost to employee morale will be immeasurable. We guarantee it.

When you choose Towne Mailer for your invoice printing and mailing, you will experience sending your clients the most professional, well-timed, beautifully printed materials every time. There will be no more belated invoices, no more employees bogged down by drudgery, no more expensive equipment to manage and maintain when you choose Towne Mailer.

About Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated professional printing and mailing company based in Missoula, MT. Our 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility houses the highest quality printing equipment fit for small and large batch printing.

From serving mom and pop boutiques to national corporations, we at Towne Mailer are experts in the printing and mailing business. We consider ourselves to be on the cutting edge of both technology and customer service. Your printing and mailing is our passion. There is no business or job too small or too large. We value the tiny shops and the huge companies equally and we treat each client with the utmost respect and personal care. Our commitment to customer service is of paramount importance to us.

Towne Mailer makes it easy to transition to using a third party to handle your invoice printing and mailing needs. Getting started is as easy as making the first phone call. One of our courteous staff members will talk you through uploading your first test documents. We will post samples for your approval. If you are not thrilled with the formatting and print quality, you are under no obligation to move forward. We guarantee that you will love our work.

Why wait? Give us a call today. Partner with Towne Mailer to help your lifeblood flow. Don’t you think it’s time for you to outsource that invoice? Give us a try. Your business will thank you!

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