Many businesses want to know how we can print and mail a letter, invoice, bill or statement for less. The truth is that there are a number of ways that we can cut costs and increase efficiency simply because printing and mail processing is our specialty at Towne Mailer. Another aspect of our cost-saving formula is presorting our mail, which many small and medium-sized businesses can’t take on in a cost-effective manner. Let’s take a closer look.

What is presorted mail?

Very simply put, presorting your mail involves grouping your letters by zip code and sub-zip code, placing a barcode on the mail piece, and verifying the address before the mail is delivered to the post office for mailing. There are a number of rules and regulations that go along with presorting mail, for example, you must have a certain number of mail pieces in order to presort and you must deliver the mail pieces organized in specified groups and trays.

What are the benefits of presorting mail?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to presorting your mail. Using a mail processing outsource provider like Towne Mailer means benefiting from the advantages of presorted mail, while avoiding the downside.

Here are the benefits of presorting mail:

  • Presorted mail costs less to send. Because you are doing some of the post office’s tasks for them, it costs less to send a piece of mail that has been presorted. Sending a larger volume of presorted mail can result in even more savings. A significant amount of these savings are passed on to the client.
  • Presorted mail is processed faster. Because presorting takes place at Towne Mailer, the post office only needs to transport and deliver it, making the mailing process much faster. Paired with Towne Mailer’s fast turnaround times, this means that we can deliver correspondence faster than the businesses we work for.
  • Your customers get their mail faster. Because presorting streamlines the mailing process, and because of our turnaround guarantee, your customers will receive their mail faster, even if Towne Mailer is a greater distance away from your customers than your place of business.
  • You get better response rates. It’s proven that when clients and customers receive their invoices, statements, and bills regularly and quickly, they are more likely to pay–and more likely to pay faster. This can help both your cash flow and your bottom line.
  • It eliminates post office hassle. Because we specialize in printing and mailing letters, bills, invoices and statements we are intimately familiar with all of the post office’s rules and regulations. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of presorting mail, or having the correct equipment and software –we do all of that for you.

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It can be difficult for a small business to presort their own mail: they might not have enough volume to save on postage, they may not have a barcode machine, and they may not have the knowledge or personnel to pull off the task efficiently. But outsourcing your presorting tasks to Towne Mailer can mean taking advantage of the benefits of presorting without having to deal with the headaches.

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