Invoices are the primary and most apparent way to get paid consistently on time. No matter the size of your business, you most likely have a number of invoices to deliver to customers. And, it goes without saying, the more invoices you have to print and mail, the more time it takes to complete your invoicing.

You may have an in-office automated electronic invoice system that generates the document for you instead of an employee, but even still, there is a lot of room for error when invoices are handled in-office. Information is overlooked or deadlines are not met. All of these minor mistakes add up to a longer turnaround for you to get paid.

Not to mention, studies show that printed documents are still greatly preferred by customers. In our electronic world, many make the assumption that electronic invoices are the way to go. That is simply not true. A large portion of the population is unable to receive electronic documents. Elder individuals simply don’t have the skills or patience to deal with electronic documents. Customers with visual disabilities are uncomfortable with screens. And, some people simply resist technology. They prefer traditional forms of communication. No matter the reason, studies show that printed and mailed invoices are preferred by customers than electronic documents.

When employees are overworked and have a lot of different tasks to handle, mistakes are inevitable. They may skip a step or could provide misinformation. No matter how the invoice is incorrect, the fall out is the same. Your customers are unhappy. And, their payment to your business is delayed. When you outsource your invoice printing and mailing needs to an automated printing and mailing company like Towne Mailer, you eliminate the possibility for human error.

Eliminate Questions And Concerns

Besides timely payments, there are other reasons why exact invoices are crucial. One big reason is that customers will not have to contact your business with questions and concerns about the mistakes on their invoices. Exact invoicing eliminates any possible problem while developing a strong level of trust with your customers. There is no faster way to destroy customer confidence than incomplete or inaccurate invoices.

Customers may sincerely wish to pay their bills by the due date but are unable to because of mistakes made by your staff. Inaccurate or missing information on an invoice often leads to delayed payments or no payments at all, and the responsibility falls solely on your shoulders. It’s not your customer’s fault that your office staff made a human error.

Once your customers are finally able to contact you to report mistakes on their invoice, it then takes additional time to remedy any problems. Who has time to spend correcting ridiculous mistakes? Don’t waste your customers’ time, and make sure your office time is spent wisely. By outsourcing to a professional printing and mailing service, you can rest assured that your invoices are exact and timely.

With an automated service, so long as the information is accurately uploaded one time, you are able to trust that all future invoices are printed to be exacted and mailed in a timely manner. The number of billing questions your office staff will have to respond to will be greatly reduced or eliminated when you outsource your invoice demands to a printing and mailing service.

Track Invoices With Ease

Some customers have complaints about their bill yet don’t have the invoice in front of them. If your invoices lack tracking numbers, or the invoice numbers have been logged incorrectly, remedying this issue will be a challenge. Tracking errors with electronic or paper invoices can cause nightmares!

Humans make human error. Even if you have hired the most qualified, professional staff, when people are tired and dealing with monotonous tasks, they make mistakes. A single missed step on an invoice can create a backlog of paperwork. It is common for one mistake to demand hours of repair. And, a mistake on an invoice often means the whole document has to be printed, folded, stuffed, sorted, and mailed all over again. That is not only a waste of material but a waste of manpower and company time.

Common tracking issues involve one customer’s information included on another customer’s invoice, or charges and credits for one customer on another’s account. This type of situation is not only infuriating for customers, but it is also nerve-wracking for your staff. Though these situations are common, they do not have to happen. Professional printing and mailing services that are automated ensure that your invoices are numbered, traceable, and exact from the moment you upload the original document.

Support Your In-House Staff

Office morale is one of the key components of productivity. If your employees dread coming to the office, they are more likely to commit simple mistakes that could otherwise be avoided. Let’s face it, most people are not inspired by invoice printing and mailing. Most people feel bored and annoyed with the ongoing, redundant paperwork. The mundane tasks of uploading client information, printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, sorting mail bins- to no end- hurts the office attitude.

Besides reducing the office workload, invoice outsourcing also clears the office of a lot of clutter. Think about the mounds of paper piled on desks. Think about the stockpile of ink cartridges, envelopes, stationery, postage, and mail bins needed to keep your mail demands flowing smoothly. By clearing your office of all this extra baggage, you can create an environment much more conducive for creativity and innovation.

By outsourcing the most hated office tasks, you allow your employees to focus on their key competencies. You can focus on training your employees for greater responsibilities. They can turn their focus on driving revenue and handling customer concerns. Greater responsibilities for your employees translates to less responsibility on your shoulders. Allow a professional printing and mailing service to relieve you of some of your burdens.  

Save On Costs

How much money does your office spend on printing and mailing supplies, not to mention computer and printer maintenance?

 A professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, is designed and set up to buy all consumables in bulk. That means you save money by outsourcing your invoice needs to a printing and mailing company. First consider all of the money your office spends on paper, envelopes, postage, and wages to produce invoices. It is not hard to determine that it is less expensive to outsource to a printing and mailing process.

A partnership with a printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, has not only become common, it’s the industry norm. Businesses in every industry report great savings and increased office morale by outsourcing their printing and mailing needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Towne Mailer to learn how your business can prosper.

Trust In Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a scary word for many businesses. Many people equate the term outsourcing to the loss of jobs and downsizing. But, simply put, outsourcing is where you allow another business to do the work you don’t want to do. Once your employees realize you have relieved them from the tedious work of printing and mailing invoices, they will happily refocus their time and energy on more rewarding aspects of their jobs.

Plus, when you outsource to a printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, your mail is processed in this country. That means you are providing employment to American workers. American business partnerships are what drives the US economy. There is an old saying, “Do what you do best-outsource the rest!” Allow a team of experts, like the employees at Towne Mailer, to handle your mail professionally and efficiently.

Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is located in Missoula, Montana. We have nearly twenty years of experience in the printing and mailing industry and are very familiar with what is required. We work with local, state, national, and international businesses.

No matter if your business is a small ‘Mom and Pop’ shop or a thriving international corporation, we are honored to meet your mail printing and mailing needs. We treat all of our clients equally. Not to mention, we provide your customers with clear, concise, and timely invoices which helps eliminate misunderstandings and customer complaints. This is with no added effort on your part.

The first step is to give us a call or send us an email. We will respond as soon as possible to have you upload a test document. The test document will determine the quality of the final print. Nothing will be printed without you reviewing and ‘signing off’ with your approval. Once you have approved the print, we guarantee a twenty-four-hour turnaround for all documents. This means your mail is processed, printed, and mailed within twenty-four hours to ensure that your customers receive their invoices in a prompt and timely manner.

Do your research! Read our reviews! Study how most successful businesses have outsourced their invoice printing and mailing in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. We look forward to developing a partnership and watching your business grow.

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