Back in the 1980s, mom and pop businesses thrived. Owners of these businesses had to do everything from start-up to daily shopkeeping, frequently supported by their own family members. Just a small, retail family business could expect to have to become experts in everything from merchandising to marketing, onboarding and training, accounting to billing, and everything in between!

Imagine all the tasks falling on the owners, such as having to quickly develop mailing lists of customers and regularly hand addressing postcards to send them of in-store discounts and coupons. By the time the mailing lists might grow to have over 1,000 names on it, these creative entrepreneurs might have to spend an entire week just preparing the mailings. Though they many have adored all of the creative aspects of merchandising, marketing, and customer service, these business owners would spend most of their time on these mundane, time-consuming tasks. While the old school way of snail-mailing the handwritten postcards might seem charming to our fast-paced, commercial world of hyper-speed texts and emails, there is no doubt, those types of early marketing modes just slowed down business growth and cramped a lot of hands in the writing of them all!

When the first monochrome computers were released to help speed up the printing and mailing processes, it might have taken a week just to print all the labels, which didn’t really speed anything up at all. Between labels getting stuck in the printer during the overnight print job by jamming, printing incorrectly, or running out of ink during the process, these shop owners would likely spend more time fixing problems than it would take to handwrite the postcards.

Sound familiar? Have you personally struggled to work with labels and postcards and printing on your home computer or at work? Are you still licking the envelopes for your business mailer? Paper cuts on your tongue are painful and unnecessary!

Does the idea of handling your own printing still appeal to you due to fear of changing from outdated models to newer, more efficient ones? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about outsourcing professional printing and mailing services? Rest easy. A professional company such as Towne Mailer has answers for you that far surpass home printers, handwriting addresses, and licking the envelopes yourself. Let me bring you into the 21st century by explaining just how Towne Mailer can help you achieve your professional printing and mailing goals!

Do What You Do Best – Outsource The Rest!

There is nothing more killing to your creativity than mundane work tasks. Taking time out to print and mail bills, statements and invoices or send flyers is time taken away from management, marketing, sales, and services which are the lifeblood of your business. Why should you try to be the postal service and accounting firm for your hair salon, or car lot, or retail shop? When you outsource your printing and mailing, you can get back to doing what you do best – expanding and producing more of your dynamic work. When you hand over your printing and mailing to a third-party company, you free up more precious time to create, instead of being chained to a paperwork desk.

By transitioning to a professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, your correspondence with your clients becomes just that. Professional. No more hand-stamped mail for you, my friend. Your marketing image just took a huge boost in professionalism. Leaving the paperwork to the professionals gets you back to doing what you love most. And let’s face it. It lets us do what we do best – which we love! It’s a reciprocal relationship. Let us discuss how easy the process can be for you.

How Does The Process Work?

Using the example of the family-owned businesses as previously mentioned, let’s imagine a uniform shop for nurses and doctors in a small, rural community across the street from the local hospital. Every day, dozens of medical professionals would come in to buy scrubs, shoes, or medical gear. Those people would be manually added to the mailing list in a spiral notebook, handwritten. Every month, the family members would send a coupon postcard to each client including schedule updates or events, discounts or sales notices.

Today, instead of handwriting the lists, hand addressing the labels, or printing them in-store, if they had access to a service such as Towne Mailer, they would have logged on to our website, uploaded the file for the postcard, approved the proof in a matter of minutes, and uploaded the group of contacts to which they would be mailed. This simple, fast, efficient process would have eliminated days of organizing from their workweek. And let’s not even mention how many employee hours that would save. That’s time that could be spent on creative work instead of mundane tasks.

How Does The Process Work to Save You Time?

First, virtually every business has regular mail to print and process. The primary bulk of that work includes statements, invoices, letters, bills, notices, newsletters, and flyers. Unless your process is streamlined into one desk, one segment of the office, or to one group or team, this cumbersome work gets distributed to many workers in your company, who can sometimes complain about having to stop creative tasks, meetings, or group think time to print and mail to clients.

time-is-moneyUnless you have a very centralized desk for most of the processing, it can become confusing in the organization. Who called back that client? Did that bill get sent? Why haven’t our clients sent in the money?

Imagine the desks of your employees now as they are: overflowing with mail, piled high with papers stacked in mail sorters, sticky notes pasted on the phone, and a feeling of disorganization fills the air. Employees have to rush through the tasks to get them done, and quality and professionalism suffer in the end product. Errors are frequently made, and extra work ensues to correct those errors.

Even more time is wasted sending mailings to which few pay attention or respond due to their unprofessional appearance or incorrect information.
Clients tend to notice official-looking mail much more than random, low quality printed material. Professional printing and mailing eliminate many of these problems altogether. And a streamlined, high-end product results.

How Does The Process Work To Save You Money?

In the modern age, time is most definitely money. We use cars instead of horses to get to our destinations because we need to be more productive. We have running water because let’s face it, spending all day fetching buckets of water to cook or clean with is no longer an efficient option. Most of our technological inventions make us money because they save us time, and that is time we are freed up to create, expand, and to innovate. It is the age where faster is better, so we focus on efficiency at every turn.

A professional printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, is a specialized, singularly focused business designed to take the mundane burdens from your plate so that you can spend more time and money on what matters to you most. It is so surprisingly affordable that the benefits of time saved and money spent on employee hours becomes evident after only one mailing.

What Kind Of Business Can Benefit From A Professional Printing And Mailing Service?

From retail to sales, client contact is key to keeping interest in your growing business. As the expression goes “out of sight, out of mind”, the frequency of your client contact directly impacts your relevance. With professional printing and mailing services such as Towne Mailer, you stay on top of your game by reaching out whenever you can with events, updates, notices, and timely billing. From non-profits to government agencies, and everything in between, if you send mail, you can benefit from Towne Mailer.

Stop licking your own envelopes. Let us lick your communication problems with the solution of professional printing and mailing services as only professionals can do.

Who Is Towne Mailer?

Town Mailer is a locally owned and operated professional printing and mailing processing company serving widely from Missoula, Montana to national businesses in all industries. Our mission is to relieve you of the demands of regular invoicing, billing, statements, and regular or frequent mailings. No business is considered small or insignificant to us; your mailing business IS our business and we take it quite seriously.

Call us to see how we can help you. Providing efficient, effective, professional printing and mailing services is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We do that, so you can go back to being who you are and to doing what you do best! When you partner with Towne Mailer, we work to provide you with the highest quality services to save you time, money, and paper cuts on your fingers!

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