Many businesses we work with know that they spent a considerable amount of time and manpower on processing,  invoice printing and mailing plus doing the same for letters, and statements before they engaged Towne Mailer to handle this task. They also know that they are spending money on equipment rental and repairs, storage space, and postage. But fewer businesses realize that they are spending a significant amount of money simply on the paper and envelopes that they use to print and mail letters, bills, invoices, and statements.

Recently, one of our clients let us know–once they began outsourcing their letters and statements to Towne Mailer, they suddenly saved a significant amount of money just because they didn’t need to buy or store so much paper and envelopes.

We Buy Paper in Bulk So You Don’t Have To

When you outsource your printing and mailing to Towne Mailer, all you need to do is upload your data to our secure server and let us know when to get started. Our large office and warehouse allows us to buy paper and envelopes in bulk–literally by the truckload–slashing costs and significantly saving your office supply budget. What we pay for a piece of paper and what we pay for a single envelope is less than what most businesses pay, allowing us to maximize efficiencies, run a profitable business, and pass a significant amount of savings on to our clients.

Slash Your Office Supply Budget By Outsourcing Your Letter & Statement Mailing

You may not realize what percent of your office supplies go toward the correspondence that you mail to your customers and clients. These items can add up over time–though they are included in the cost of having these tasked outsourced by a business that specializes in printing and mailing services.

By outsourcing your bill and statement printing, processing, and mailing, you can save on:

  • Buying or renting machinery
  • Machinery repair and maintenance costs
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Staples and paperclips
  • Storage for office supplies

If your business mails a high volume of letters, bills, invoices, and statements each month (usually more than 200), you can save money by outsourcing this task to Towne Mailer. Not only can we print and mail faster, but we can also mail them for less, allowing you to increase profits or invest your savings into growing your business.

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