Many businesses already understand that they can save time and money by print and mail outsourcing. However, it can be difficult to take the first step toward finding a solution that works for you.

At Towne Mailer, we help businesses of all sizes save money by streamlining their printing and mail processing. Below, we’ve broken down the process of setting up print and mail outsourcing into four easy steps that can help any business, big or small, make the move in a smooth and efficient manner.

  1. Review Your Current Print & Mail Process

Before you make any changes, outline exactly how your printing and mailing process works now. Take into account how much you spend on the task, what supplies are used, and how much employee manpower is needed. Also consider how much space the process takes as well as how long it takes you to get an invoice, statement andor letter to customers or clients. Finally, try to pinpoint exactly how much it costs you to mail a letter. The USPS once estimated that it costs approximately $1.34 to prepare and mail a 1-page letter when all related costs are added up.

  1. Research Your Outsource Options

Determine what you are looking for in an outsourcer. Would you like them to be located in the United States? Do you want them to specialize in printing and mailing? Can they work with the software and systems that you use? Do they have any quality assurance systems in place? Are they good at communicating with you and delivering the final product? Keep a checklist by your side as you look at various company websites and eliminate companies that don’t pass muster.

  1. Request Quotes

Once you have found one or two outsourcing options that seem encouraging, request a free quote. Not only will this give you a great idea of how much your business will save by working with them, but it will also give you a great idea of what it is like to work with the outsourcer.

  1. Transition Your Business Processes

You will work with your outsourcer to transition the task of printing and mailing quickly and smoothly – but don’t forget to take a close look at how this transition will affect your office. Do you need to stop ordering certain supplies, like envelopes? Do you need to get rid of unneeded equipment or terminate equipment leases? Do you need to redistribute tasks to your employees? Do you need to assign new tasks to employees – such as the task of sending data to the outsourcing company? Be sure to take full advantage of the time and money that you will be saving after the transition.

Don’t Wait – Start Outsourcing Your Printing and Mailing Needs Today

A little effort now will save you a lot of effort later – find out how easy the transition to outsourcing can be. If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing your printing and mailing tasks, or if you would like to request a free quote from our team, contact us today by calling (877) 882-6245 or by completing our Contact Us form in the right column.