For any business that handles its own printing and mailing, the tasks can seem overwhelming. From the monthly mailing of statements, to generating invoices, to printing and stuffing letters and bills, to sending correspondence of every kind, the backlog of ongoing work can bog down office staff and printers alike. When most businesses are trying to get to the creative and challenging work of growing their client base, perfecting a craft or service, providing training and onboarding for employees, and expanding the market, the reality is that the most time is spent on mundane minutia including the daily chores of printing and mailing.

Just think of how much time is spent dealing with the inconvenient snafu of a paper jam in the printer? The truth is that so many employee hours are spent on the uncreative tasks of troubleshooting poorly working equipment, taking inventories and stocking paper goods in the storeroom, and stuffing envelopes to be mailed to clients. And all the drudgery can not only be draining to staff resources but also taxing on the budget and time you have to grow your business.

You want your business to rock and roll, and instead, you spend half the day fixing jammed printers and putting postage on envelopes. We at Towne Mailer believe that your business should be jamming, not your printer! We can show you how to maximize your time and minimize your headaches.

Let Towne Mailer Relieve You And Your Printer

Our first priority at Towne Mailer is to relieve you of the burden of doing all the mundane printing and mailing work yourself. Because we specialize in printing and mailing, the highest quality of services is achieved. In these modern times, your clients expect professional, timely, state-of-the-art printing and mailings. Not only do you have to work with tight deadlines, you must create the best looking documents possible to be taken seriously in such a competitive world.

How can you expect to be an expert in printing and mailing when it is a small part of your business – but it takes up lots of time? Why should you spend your time becoming proficient at fixing printers and formatting letterhead? Your clients expect timely, well-organized, attractive, and professional correspondence every time. A failure in any aspect of your communication can be devastating to your bottom line.

We at Towne Mailer are experts in the field of printing and mailing services, so we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. You can trust Towne Mailer to provide you with excellent services at every step of the process. And that means you can provide the best possible services to your clients as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons to partner with a professional printing and mailing service like Towne Mailer.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing?

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their printing and mailing services to like-minded companies who specialize in the most professional printing and mailing services in the industry. It can save a company time, money, and can also boost office morale. When your employees are free from boring, monotonous tasks, their creativity and productivity measurably rises. No longer chained to a desk and printer, generating countless bundles of invoices, correspondence, newsletters, and bills, your staff will instead spend their time on innovation, expansion, collaborating with other employees on new strategies, and generally helping to grow your business.

dollar-sign-1Saving money is an important reason to outsource. Imagine the storeroom right now filled with dozens of boxes of envelopes, and letterhead, printer paper, ink cartridges, and much more. Every year you spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours stocking, taking inventory, ordering, and maintaining all those supplies. When you outsource your printing and mailing, you are instantly relieved of that financial investment and the time it takes to manage it all, not to mention freeing up space.

When you stop spending so much time and money on your own mailings, you can get back to what you love about your business, focus on new plans, and implement your creative designs and ideas into the business. Instead of dealing with the side tasks of wading through files, updating computer programs for printing invoices & statements, and cleaning sticky notes and bill reminders from your desk, you can sink your teeth into the meat of your business meal. Let us take that side work off your plate!

Do Companies Still Send Paper Instead of Using Email?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear about printing and mailing services is that many people think that no one is using paper mailing anymore. With telecommunication companies shifting focus from snail mail to email, auto pay, and electronic processing, so many people want to be relieved of all the paper that piles up in the mailbox. There are many very good reasons why paper statements, invoices, and bills are still far superior to electronic communication.

Electronic emails for bill paying and communication have their problems, no doubt. With email inboxes being flooded every day with spam, advertisements, and junk mail, it is so easy to overlook important updates to accounts, statements, and invoices. So often, important emails wind up in the junk folder, never to be seen again. We tend to delete sales emails and advertisements in large batches and so your important bills and statements can get lost in the shuffle.

Another thing to consider is that so many people still live in rural areas that have slow or even no Internet at all. Other people resist technology and prefer to hand write checks, avoid giving out credit card numbers for online purchasing, or they just prefer the face-to-face communication of purchasing goods and services from people they know and trust. There are also those clients who are sight impaired or cannot use computers for a variety of reasons. Electronic mail is simply unsuitable for a large majority of customers. Using conventional printed and mailed correspondence is still the winner in reliability in most cases.

What Kind of Business Can Benefit from a Professional Printing and Mailing Service?

At Towne Mailer, we have benefitted every type of business, both small and large. From mom and pop family owned businesses to large national corporations. We have partnered with every kind of business imaginable to take over managing their printing and mailing. We’ve literally seen it all. So, we know we can help you. We pay just as much attention to our small clients as we do to our bigger clients. We will always give the best service to every client we serve. That is our promise to you.

Without preference to size and style of the business, we work seamlessly with you to take your client lists, your workload, and your high-priority correspondence and we streamline it to perfection. No more missed mailings, backlogged invoices, and papers piled high on desks throughout the office. Don’t you deserve to be free of the drudgery so you can focus on what you love about your work? Well, we LOVE our work as well, so you can hand over your boring tasks to us and guess what? We’ll enjoy it!

When you outsource with Towne Mailer, you will see your workload diminish, your stress decrease, and the productivity of your employees increase quite naturally. It is just math; less time spent on drudgery, and more energy focused on creative endeavors makes for a healthy work environment.

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