Right now you may be asking yourself, can this title be correct? How is it possible to actually work less and get paid more? How can I maximize my bottom line in a way that actually cuts down on my workload? How is possible to make more money if I have to pay out money to outsource some of my business tasks? The answer is simple: work smarter, not harder.

One of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of any business is client invoicing. And since all businesses rely on timely payment from clients, one could argue that invoicing is one of the most important activities in which a company engages. Yet, sigh, the process itself can be total drudgery; it is boring, fraught with potential errors, and it can be extremely resource-draining in more ways than one.

Here you are, trying to bring in money, while outpouring copious amounts of energy just processing the information you need to bring in that money. And at the end of the day, you feel similarly drained of your own creative energy, which you desperately need to grow your business. There is an old British expression “penny wise, pound foolish” which points to our propensity to try to cut corners, which ultimately costs more money and time in the long run. We tend to make the mistake of succumbing to fear of spending money instead of seeking out ways to invest in ourselves in an intelligent and prudent manner.

How can you avoid falling into that trap? How can you truly be wise, not foolish with your resources? By outsourcing the printing and mailing of invoices and statements to with a renowned company such as Towne Mailer, you can truly add to your bank account of time and money. Let’s discuss just how you get started.

Outsource Invoicing – Save Time And Money

You might be asking, how is it possible to make money by spending money? Any skilled business owner understands it costs money to make money. For the small investment of outsourcing your invoice printing and mailing with a company like Towne Mailer, you can literally pad your pockets with the resulting extra time and money saved. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that you’ll be genuinely surprised to learn how cost-effective it can be to outsource your printing and mailing with a company like Towne Mailer.

moneyLet’s imagine your workweek. Your staff spends hundreds of hours on the time-consuming demands of accounting, invoicing, generating statements, and preparing and mailing those invoices and statements. Even if you use a computer-based online accounting service, due to the possibility of a high number of errors in automated services such as these, you have to check each invoice, each client file, and handle each customer individually with some regularity. How exactly does that help? Using an automated service does not alleviate your responsibility of checking your work for errors. Sometimes you can end up doubling up your work, doing redundant checks, and then you still have to move onto the drudgery of printing, folding and stuffing envelopes, stamping and mailing all those invoices.

By using a system with a reputable company such as Towne Mailer, your invoicing, printing and mailing operation becomes highly streamlined. Your employee and company time given to these menial tasks is eliminated as we handle the printing and mailing of your invoices to relieve you of a significant burden of time and energy. And that translates to more money in your pocket. And it’s not just the time you save. As the old saying goes, time is money!

What happens when your staff finally has the time to put towards their creative work as a team? Morale and productivity sharply increase as the drudgery decreases. Errors in billing are all but eliminated as Towne Mailer begins to handle your ongoing invoicing. Our professional approach to managing your system of invoicing not only relieves your staff, but it also instills trust and confidence in your clients as they receive timely, correct, up-to-date, professionally mailed statements. This confidence yields more timely payments. Timely payments translate to higher profits. It’s a domino effect that provides comfort and ease for all involved. Does that sound too good to be true?

Why Should I Change Systems?

One of the most common reasons why some companies are reluctant to change their current mode of invoicing is that they report having their own automated electronic billing system, which works in conjunction with their current accounting software. However, as the world has become more automated, humans have also become a bit numb to electronic mail. We are spammed to death and our inboxes overflow with advertisements and notices. It is so easy to delete an email either by accident or neglect and so much harder to throw away an important bill, tax statement, insurance card, or medical invoice when it arrives by mail. Just as in the music industry seeing a resurgence of the love of the old record albums and turntables, people are returning to valuing real, printed invoices and notices. Yet, preparing, printing, and mailing all those invoices can be so time-consuming!

That is where Towne Mailer can help. All you have to do is upload your client data to our online system, and we do the rest. You start by uploading a test data file. It is only after you have approved your print proof that we print and mail them. But we guarantee a fast turnaround! Your clients will receive timely, professional, accurate invoices, and gain trust in your system and how it helps them to manage their finances in the process. Our customers report how easy the process is and how accurate we are at managing these invoices. Eliminating errors also save your business precious time and money.

Just think about the high cost of mistakes and disgruntled clients to both your bank account and your reputation. How many employees does it take to field phone calls and emails from angry customers who don’t understand their bills? How much time do you spend just trying to get to the bottom of mistakes in invoicing? Accurate invoicing is one of the most critical parts of maintaining healthy relationships with your clients, and we are prepared to make sure that your customers are happy.

Out With The Old – In With The New

Let’s face it. You have a storeroom full of paper stock, pens, ink cartridges, envelopes of all sizes and shapes, and each employee has a desk full of paper, mail bins, and sticky notes. The computers are all working overtime along with your employees, who dread having to generate invoices, print, copy, fold, stuff envelopes, add postage, and send this time-consuming correspondence. Time to throw out the old ways and embrace the future of invoice printing and mailing with a business-like Towne Mailer.

Partnering with a company like Towne Mailer is not only common, it is quickly becoming the industry standard as more and more businesses embrace the freedom that outsourcing brings to their businesses. Gone are the days of the mom and pop shop owners sitting in the back after hours trying to update invoices, print them, and lick the envelopes one at a time.

Just as our technology has evolved to bring new systems of invoicing with computers and online services, we should also evolve to embrace new modalities of innovation. And what is the result? You have more time to refocus your energy on your growing business, your employees, and even, your family. Who knew that something so simple as outsourcing could bring so much relief?

Who Is Towne Mailer?

Towne Mailer is located in Missoula, Montana with more than twenty years of experience in printing and mailing services, so we are very in-tune with the newest practices. We proudly serve thousands of companies nationwide while employing our workers in the United States to do just that.

Because we work with small and large companies alike, we understand the different needs of each respective business and are highly trained to expect commonalities among different groups and the specific challenges you face in your business. We treat all our clients the same. There is no job too large or small for us to handle. And you will always receive professional, personal care in handling your invoicing and printing needs.

The first step is to call us and speak with one of our customer service agents. We will answer your questions, provide a price quote and will ask you to upload a test file. Also, you will always be asked to sign-off on the proofs before we print anything, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a chance to correct errors before anything is mailed. Once you approve the printing, we guarantee a twenty-four-hour turnaround of those invoices and your clients will see timely, organized, proper statements promptly arriving in their mailboxes.

Don’t fall victim to the old adage “penny-wise, pound-foolish” ever again. Be brilliant. Call us at Towne Mailer and let’s free up your time and money so you can work smarter, not harder!

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