What to Write When Mailing a Letter? 

Whether you’re mailing a letter for an official business purpose or you just want to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them, you need to follow certain standards when you write the letter. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has strict rules for what to write when mailing a letter. If you don’t follow these standards, your letter may be returned to you to be corrected. 

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The first thing you need to write when mailing a letter is the recipient’s name. You need to capitalize the first, middle, and last letters. This makes it easy for machines to read your address. It also helps your letter travel faster. 

The next thing you need to write when mailing a mail is the recipient’s street address. You should also write the recipient’s city and state. You can also put in the recipient’s zip code if he lives in another country. This is useful if you are sending a letter overseas. If the recipient lives in China, you should put in a six-digit code for the country. 

You also need to write the destination country. You can write “Taiwan” or “China” if the letter is to be sent to a country outside of your own. If you send the letter to Taiwan, you should also write “ROC” and a three-digit code. If you send the letter to mainland China, you should write “PRC” and a six-digit code. 

You also need to write the recipient’s name and title. This information tells your recipient that you know them and that you are writing to them specifically. You may also need to add “c/o” or “ATTN:” before the name of the business you’re sending the letter. 

You also need to write the return address on the envelope. You can write it in the top left corner or on the back flap of the envelope. Alternatively, you can print it on the envelope or use a return address label. You may also use a stamp. When you use a stamp, place it in the top right corner of the envelope. You may also seal the envelope with clear tape. 

After writing the address, you need to write the salutation. The salutation is usually “Dear,” but you can use “Dear Madam” if you are unsure of the gender of the recipient. You also need to write a date. The date can be written as November 15, 2020. If the recipient lives overseas, you may need to write the date in Chinese. The date should be written at the left margin. 

You can also put in the recipient’s post office box number. If you are sending the letter to someone who lives overseas, you may need to use a sturdier envelope. This will reduce the risk of damage to the letter. 

The address should be three to four lines long. It should include the recipient’s name, title, street address, city, and state. It should be capitalized on every line.