What is the Internal Cost of Print and mailing a Large Volume of Checks? 

The question of what is the internal cost to print and mail an extremely high volume of checks is a valid one. Many factors determine the costs, but labor alone is probably the largest. In general, the cost of mailing checks can run anywhere from $26 billion to $54 billion a year. A recent study calculated that the cost of issuing 500 checks per month would cost an average of over $1,200 per month in labor costs. The study also included the cost of envelopes and check & envelope supplies. The total cost for printing and mailing 500 checks per month is $2,045. For example, Checkeeper offers fulfillment services.

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Cost of materials 

Printing and mailing a large volume of checks can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce these costs. First of all, consider reducing your paper use. Many businesses still rely on paper checks to conduct business, and these methods are costly. By using other payment methods, you can reduce your mailing and printing expenses and invest these savings in other areas of your business. For example, consider changing from paper checks to digital ones. 

Regardless of the type of business, printing and mailing a large volume of checks can be expensive, so if you are trying to save money, you should consider outsourcing this service. A professional check printing company can help you reduce your check mailing and printing costs. In addition to providing quality personalized checks, these companies can also handle other check-printing services, such as statement printing and payment processing. 

Cost of labor 

The cost of printing and mailing a large volume of checks can range anywhere from $1 to $26 per check, depending on how many you need. The amount of materials used will also vary, but you can estimate that the cost of 5000 checks per month would come to $3.5k. Outsourcing this task to a professional can cut your costs significantly. There are also a variety of fulfillment services available, including Checkeeper, which can help you eliminate these costs. 

Purchasing bulk check printing materials will help you cut your overall cost. While this initial cash outlay might be a significant portion of your overall check printing costs, it will pay off in the long run by allowing you to print more checks for less. You can also negotiate with your bank to obtain a lower cost per check. By minimizing your labor costs, you can invest the savings in other business streams. 

Cost of materials + labor 

While many businesses use paper checks, the costs of printing these are high. Check paper, ink, envelopes, and various ACH expenses add up. Labor and equipment costs are also involved. Even if your company only prints and mails a few thousand checks a month, you’ll end up spending more than $3.5k on materials and labor. To avoid this issue, many companies outsource their check printing and mailing needs. Outsourcing can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

You can reduce your check printing costs by purchasing check printing materials in bulk. Although this may be an initial outlay, it will ultimately result in less cash outflow later. Check printing services also offer ancillary services such as template design, outsourced printing, and easy-to-use software. By choosing a check printing company, you’ll save time and money while eliminating the cost of paper checks. 

Cost of labor + materials 

Depending on your industry and size, issuing a large volume of checks can be costly. A recent study revealed that the cost of printing and mailing a single hundred thousand checks will cost $26 to $54 billion per year. While the actual cost will depend on several factors, the main contributor is labor. For a monthly volume of 500 checks, a single employee could easily spend over $1,200 in labor. Other costs include check & envelope supplies, mailing preparation, and printing. This would result in a monthly cost of $2,045. The same amount would be required to outsource the printing and mailing of a single check to a third party. 

In addition to labor, the costs involved in preparing, printing, and mailing a large volume of paper checks should include staff hours. These expenses can quickly eat into a business’s bottom line. Consider the costs of these staff hours, including those required to prepare accounts, finalize checks, submit them for signature, and take them to the CFO. These costs are not only incurred by the third-party provider, but also by the company.