Outsourcing is a term first used to describe the business process of relying on outside resources for the making of goods or the providing of services that would usually be done internally. Some say the term dates back to the outsourcing of manufacturing services during the second world war. Others report its first use in the late 1970s when used in conjunction with entrepreneurship and the business procurement process.

Though there is a little bit of dispute of when it was first used, the term outsourcing generally involves the contracting of non-core business services or processes with outside companies with which to partner either permanently for ongoing business or for one-time goods or services. Examples include areas such as the processing of payroll, the manufacturing of a particular item for resale, or the providing of technical or administrative telephone support. In making the case as to why it might be of benefit to outsource certain business services, we can look at some of the common misconceptions and realities of partnering with Towne Mailer for your statement printing and mailing needs.

Making the Case for Outsourcing

There has long been a misconception that hiring out parts of a business is very expensive, or somehow exclusive to only the few that can afford it. In reality, the process of outsourcing is something that happens all day every day in businesses ranging from small to massive in size. Outsourcing offers many benefits to your business including cost, efficiency, quality, and access to specialized resources. By eliminating non-core services from your practices, you can focus more on core strengths and services.

At Towne Mailer, we have had 20 years of experience partnering with companies all over the country to provide the highest quality statement printing and mailing services. Having decades of examples to review, we have seen firsthand how the cost/benefit analysis comes out every time when it comes to making the case for outsourcing. There is no doubt that in the case of preparing and sending statements through the mail, outsourcing with one of the leaders in the field such as Towne Mailer offers myriad rewards not limited to the ones below.

Save Money on Labor

Essentially, one of the core reasons to outsource is to save money. By requiring less staff to handle certain operations thereby spending less money on labor and associated costs, your business can cut back on everything from salaries to payroll and unemployment taxes to paid-time-off and health care costs. When you hire out certain non-essential aspects of your business functions such as payroll, human resources, or statement printing and mailing, you only pay for the job done on your specific project, rather than paying for an entire staff member.

Save Money on Equipment

When you want to compete with the quality that a specialty print and mail outsource service can provide on your statement preparation projects, you’d have to invest in buying and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment to do the work. From the high-end printers to the toners and cartridges to the envelopes and paper, there is a lot of stock and maintenance that has to be ordered, handled, and stored when it comes to handling these kinds of jobs in-house. Even then, you’d have to train employees on using and repairing the equipment in order to keep it functioning all the time. Downtime of your one machine can cost you in processing timely invoices and payments.

Increase Quality of End Result

Outsourcing gets you access to experts, specialists, and equipment that you do not have to pay for every day in order to create the best of something. For example, when you outsource your print and mail tasks with a specialist at Towne Mailer, you get the highest quality of everything like paper, ink, and colors as compared to a middle-of-the-road printer that you might still pay a lot for to have in your office. You could not begin to compete with the kind of high-quality print work that we can offer for a low cost even, so you get the added bonus of having the most attractive print quality when you outsource with Towne Mailer.

Increase Efficiency

When a company has a focus on one thing, the products and services are superior in every way. The efficiency and speed at which the jobs can be done are exponentially increased with larger orders and shorter deadlines being possible beyond what any one person can handle alone. When sending timely statements is a priority, the fastest, most reliable service is with Towne Mailer. That is because our 20 person staff is committed to doing just one thing, one thing only and better than anyone else. Our 24-hour turnaround guarantee sets us above the competition.

Increase Security

Because you have the ability to work with companies such as Towne Mailer that use protected computer systems to store client data, privacy is protected to the highest capacity. When you keep all of your client files on a computer at your office, you do not have near the amount of protection for your customer statement data as when you work with a certified and licensed company such as Towne Mailer. Providing trustworthy, reliable services for the past twenty years for clients all over the country gives us the credibility and track record to serve the needs of our customers to the highest level.

Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

Having a reliable partner in getting your customer statements out on time every month will relieve you of work. It will save you time and money. More than anything, it will offer a higher level of service to your customers than what you can currently provide, for an affordable price. Your customers will actually get better, more reliable service, which will build trust and confidence in your management skills. When their statements arrive on time every time looking better than ever before, they will benefit from the difference it makes when you outsource with a specialist such as Towne Mailer.

Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

When you work with us at Towne Mailer, you can take advantage of our ability to add marketing materials into your customer statements for pennies per envelope. Studies show that things that are sent in with statements in direct mail are read and responded to more than electronic advertisements. Each month, you would have an opportunity to mention a sale, offer a discount, or change the promotion with each month’s mailer. Imagine trying to handle all that in-house. When we handle it for you, Towne Mailer can send something eye-catching that increases your chance of getting it noticed.

Focus on Core Strengths

When you allow Towne Mailer to handle all your statement printing and mailing, you can remove a great amount of drudgery for yourself and your staff. The time that you free up to refocus on the things that you are passionate about is beyond precious. Instead of stuffing envelopes for a week once a month, you can get back to doing what you do best while allowing us to do just that as well. Since we love what we do at Towne Mailer, it’s truly a win-win all around when we partner with you to serve your customers.

Letting It All Go To Provide The Most You Can

Sometimes you have to trust in the science. Research shows that outsourcing your statement preparation and sending will save you money, increase efficiency, and provide a greater quality product and service for your clients. It will also get you back to focusing on your core competencies and delegating the drudgery to us. That is a huge list of benefits.

From freeing up internal resources to increasing data security, working with Towne Mailer will bring you peace of mind and a high quality of return of investment. Let us take over the important job of statement sending for you. Reach out to us today for a free quote!

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