What are Statement and Invoices Direct Mail? 

If you’re not sure what to do with your transactional mail, read this article to get an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of direct mail. You’ll learn about Trans promo, Customized preference management options, Cost, and environmental impact. Also, learn about transactional printing services. Transactional mail services can help you print and distribute any document – from bills and invoices to insurance policies. Whether you’re looking to build your customer base or make a profit, we can help you.

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Trans promo 

A Trans Promo campaign combines personalized marketing messages with must-read statements to drive new revenue and retain existing customers. The must-read quality of transaction documents is enhanced by direct mail’s visual appeal and selling power. Trans Promo can be produced in print or electronic versions. This unique approach provides companies with a significant competitive advantage. Here are some of the benefits of this new direct mail marketing method. 

Customized preference management options 

A good way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign is to add a custom preference management option to your statement and invoice direct mail. Using this feature, customers can opt in, manage delivery preferences, and change notification settings with ease. Moreover, it can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. By combining transactional and promotional communications, banks can effectively use whitespace for marketing messages. The best part is that FSSI adheres to strict security standards. 


Invoicing and mailing monthly bills and statements has been a routine practice for generations. However, three-quarters of American consumers would rather not pay a fee than receive a paper invoice. That means charging a fee for receiving paper statements isn’t the best business decision. In this article, we will discuss how to cut costs on direct mail statements and invoices. Ultimately, the cost of sending statements and invoices will depend on the number of mailings, the volume, and the frequency of the mail. 

Environmental impact 

Statements and invoices may be sent via regular mail, but there is no need to print them on recycled paper. These pieces are made of paper from renewable resources, such as bamboo and cotton. Alternatively, you can print them on paper that is sourced responsibly, such as from certified forests. Some companies use a green symbol on their mailings to increase consumer trust and educate customers who are often confused about the environmental impact of their business. 


Outsourcing statements and invoices is a great way to streamline your mailing process and get paid quickly. Outsourcing statement printing and mailing allows you to take full advantage of the technology and experience of a professional, freeing up your time to focus on your business and customer service. Outsourcing your invoices allows you to get paid faster and eliminate the stress of managing your customer’s accounts. Here are some benefits of outsourcing statement and invoices printing and mailing.