What is Best Bulk Direct Mail Day to Send Your Ad?

If you’re wondering what is the best bulk direct mail day to send your ad, read this article to learn more. It will give you information on the Decision stage of the buyer’s journey, Holidays, and the cost. Once you’ve got this information, you’re ready to start mailing! But first, let’s talk about what’s wrong with sending mail on a Tuesday. First of all, this day is considered the least annoying of the week. Second, when people get their mail on a Tuesday, they are more likely to respond to it that week. The opposite is true when the mail arrives on a Friday or a Saturday.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Generally, the best bulk direct mail days are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These days are not as competitive as Monday, and your mailer will stand out more. People generally don’t like getting mail on Mondays or during the weekend. You’ll get more attention these days. People also have less free time these days. It will take longer for your mail to get to its destination on those days.


During the holiday season, you can expect your mail to reach more people than at any other time of year. The USPS alone delivers 15 billion pieces of mail from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. And since people expect to receive more mail during the holidays than at other times of the year, sending bulk mail during these days will boost your response rates. But there are some things to consider before sending bulk mail during the holidays.

Decision stage of buyer’s journey

In the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, companies generate awareness and assist in the evaluation process. They are the contenders for the buyer’s attention and have already begun discussing the pros and cons of various options. At this stage, companies hope to win over prospects by offering a solution to their problem or service. They also hope to differentiate their company from competitors. Here’s howto  bulk direct mail days work:


The cost of bulk direct mail days varies significantly. One postcard can cost $100, while the design and copywriting of the entire campaign can cost $300. Postage, starting at $0.35 per piece, is also a factor. All told, the cost of sending bulk mail can run upwards of $1,150. However, different approaches may be more efficient depending on the size and scope of your mailing. For example, you might opt to outsource the copywriting.


When it comes to sending bulk mail, you have many options. You can use a bulk mailing service to do the work for you, or you can opt to send the mail yourself. Either way, the benefits of using direct mail for your business are enormous. Thee return on investment is significant compared to other marketing methods. And with rates on bulk mailing services continually increasing, it is a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your customers.